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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A little Visitor and some blooms

 A little Mocking Bird was watching me through my laundry room window the other day. I am just hoping the neighbours cat did not have a feathery appetizer.

 Lovely Trio of my white Rose of Sharon by the driveway; they just looked so brilliant in the sunshine!

It's my FRIDAY!

This is the last day this week that I have to make the drive across town to work! And I am so glad! Just feeling much more like a home body this past two weeks and going out to work has not been on my mental list of important things to do. Tomorrow morning I have to get up early to get Greg to the train station but then the rest of the day will be MINE... all mine to fill anyway I want to and that makes me HAPPY!

It's actually cooled off a good bit down here; so much so that we have turned our A/C off and have opened a few windows. I slept SO MUCH better last night and a good part of yesterday. Tesla has been a happy cat as he can sit in a window and sniff the air. It's really quite funny when someone is cooking in the neighbourhood and he raises his nose to the sky sniffing trying to determine where those good smells are coming from.

Well time to get ready! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday... again!

Here it is a Tuesday once more. I've been having a LOT of trouble sleeping these days so my thoughts are hard to organize into a post. Some days I am wondering how I am even able to do my job effectively. So much tossing and turning that I have been disturbing Scott so he in turn has been getting very little rest.

We are both feeling a need to overhaul our diet and I am reading a lot about Vegan and Raw Foods. Perhaps if we ease into it we will be more successful. Perhaps 2 or 3 days a week and then add on from there. What we are eating now is NOT healthy and we are both feeling sluggish and not as happy and energetic as we could be. SO watch for some changes.

Greg is heading North to Maryland to visit friends on Friday and won't be home until next Wednesday... Scott and I will have the house to our self!!! AH... to sleep with no o ne coming in and out during the night or getting up to raid the frig... BLISS! I want him to have a good time with his friends and will miss him but AHHHHHHhhh..... REAL sleep!

Our walk on July 20th, 2014.... boy we need to walk more often! That is something else to add to our list of things to do to make us feel better.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Has not been the best day....

I woke up this morning not really feeling too well... slight headache and feelings of exhaustion. Took a pain reliever and went on into work.. was easily frustrated with everything I did there and was glad when it was time to go. I had a wonderful brunch with my youngest sister, Ronda at 10 AM before she had to be to USC to teach a Summer Math course. It was the best part of today... when I got home the headache had returned with a vengeance and my right ear started throbbing. I rested some in the recliner and then took a shower and climb back in the recliner with the heating pad on my ear. 

For dinner tonight we did "must go" if it was in the fridge it was fair game to be eaten. Now Scott is sleeping in the recliner behind me... I think neither of us slept well last night. Scott said that one of the neighbours has gotten a new puppy and it barked all night long keeping him awake and when he is shifting about I don't sleep well.  I always put my "good ear" down so I didn't hear the dog at all.

Tomorrow WILL BE better! Going to get ready for bed as soon as I get back from picking up some cat food. Good night!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Morning... all ready?

The weekends fly by doubly fast as a week; I wish we could work 2 days and be off 5. Oh well that is not how it works so we enjoy today to it's fullest. Scott and I are planning to  go for a walk after breakfast by the river. Hopefully we will see some interesting things worth photographing. We had an amazing sunset not long ago and I caught it with the camera...
My Boss stepped down from her job this week so we were running without her there all week. We all really had to step up to get everything done that was on the planning calendar. Quite exhausting but fulfilling at the same time.  Now the search is on for a new Replenishment  Manager... and it is NOT me. Hopefully they will quickly and successfully find an Early Bird that is an amazing planner.

Scott and I are monitoring our blood sugar each morning and evening and lately his has been higher than mine. Time to really evaluate what we are eating again. I know I have GOT to drink more water as I feel dehydrated nearly all the time. I just don't consume nearly enough beverages of any type until I am extremely thirsty and I know that is not good at all for my system. My muscles have been giving me a lot of trouble lately as well and I believe it is a hydration issue. I bought a water bottle but it gives the water a funny metallic taste that I can't stand and the plastic ones are horrible as well in a very short period of time.  Any suggestions?

Thursday, July 17, 2014


OH YES! I am enjoying my first cup this morning! Wishing it was my first for the start of a nice relaxing day at home instead of the start to another freight pushing day but it is what it is and I have a job I enjoy.

I've been antzy for a day trip somewhere fun with Scott so I will start researching for an interesting place to visit next month. Can't really do it this month as we have some large expenses coming up. One is getting our son, Greg into college. He is taking just one course to "get his feet wet". It's an intro to college life to help him see what to expect. If he decides he wants to go on from there we will help him anyway we can. He is also talking about joining the Merchant Marines so we will see where life takes him. He is definitely on his own path.

I'm going to do a little shopping for a friend today. And I have a few things to get mailed as well. And then LAUNDRY! UGH! Was too exhausted the past couple days to get any over but we will be running naked soon if I don't do some today. I did real well with doing laundry on Monday's and Thursdays for about 2 weeks and then got off track. It really is nice not having laundry to do on the weekends so I'd like to get back to doing it only on those two days... lets see if I manage to do it.

I bought some fabric for some new drapes for the large front window and need to get sewing on those... Once those are finished I need to make some for the room next to it that we plan to use as our "office" as soon as we can hire someone to update the wiring. Scott is just not physically able to do it any more. But nothing is stopping me from sewing the drapes/curtains now. I also want to get these rooms painted but I can do that. It's fun planning things again.

Time to get ready for work. ENJOY YOUR THURSDAY!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm up... OK I'm UP... Wednesday!!

It is nearly 2 AM and I will be heading out the door shortly. Wednesdays.... YICK! So early and SO labour intensive... HUGE delivery today! HELLO HALLOWEEN! Yes... you read that correctly Halloween is making it's way into the store to shove Spring and Summer on out. THE RETAIL SEASON has begun! Dare I say it.... only 5 months until Christmas. OH MY! That does sound so wrong! May need to schedule a breather soon... I mean a few extra days off.

I created a photo slide show for my You Tube channel... enjoy...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A busy Saturday

I got up and did a deep clean on the kitchen and made breakfast so I could get everything cleaned up and out of Scott's way so he could make some home made sausage. We are tired of paying $4.99 for 12 ozs of sausage so we are seeing if we can make our own.

A pork roast was cut up and ground - he also added some ground turkey meat.

He also added some apples and onions

We have deemed this appliance useless and will be selling it as the grinder that attaches to the Kitchen aide mixer does a better job of breaking things down and doesn't turn them into a slimy mess.  We ended up chopping the onions and apples by hand.

Scott weighed them out into 1 pound packages.

We ended up with  7 pounds of breakfast sausage for less than $20... we are hoping it will taste good.
After we cleaned up from making this we ate lunch - chili dogs and chips and then took a nice nap. After that Scott decided to dig up the two beds of potatoes.

I'm thinking some of these in a white sauce will be delicious for dinner tomorrow  with some ham and beans.

In this bed we had white potatoes and we barely had a hand full - the little red potatoes always do better here.

It won't be long until we are picking warm fresh delicious tomatoes!

We went for a drive this evening and saw some deer near the Waste water Treatment Center .

The moon was pretty amazing tonight as well so we had to pull over and take pictures of it.

And a fireworks display at the old Raceway was also seen in the sky.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Not Much...

Been kind of a slow day... worked until a little after 10 came home ate lunch got laundry sorted and started, took a nap, made dinner... more laundry and then to bed I guess... kinda boring huh? Yep!
A few from our personal library

I'm going to pull out some gardening books and think up some plans to revamp the front yard. And I want to also start a planning book to get some things done inside the house as well. Lots of dreaming ahead.

I hope all is well with everyone! For now I will go visiting blogs!

New Week

A new week has begun... and I am starting it off with questions that will never get answered as they have been buried way too long. And Romanticized lies have replaced truths and I will just continue believing  what I know as truths to me. Sometimes you just have to let some things go no mater how hurtful they are to you. I am extremely happy to have my dear husband and son in my life that is a truth I can live with and good enough for me.

It's going to be a short work day for me and that will give me a chance to catch up on a few things around the house... laundry and cleaning for one. Tomorrow is trash pick-up day and I am planning to get this house spic and span so they can take all the trash I have away tomorrow. I may even rearrange a few things here in the house and put together a bunch of stuff to donate to Goodwill. So much has been coming in lately that I am feeling the need to purge some things we never use any more that are in the way. I want to get the house presentable once again... it would be nice to have people over occasionally.

I think I am going to create a notebook for projects and some redecorating once the house is clean today. I want color on these walls!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Carr Family Reunion

Carr's and spouses... photo by my cousin Paula and her assistant.
 Yesterday the three of us drove to Simpsonville, South Carolina to attend a family reunion with some of my cousins and uncles. It was nice to catch up with everyone.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

We stuck close to home today. Scott got the lawn mowed which made the dogs extremely happy. Currently the dogs are in the bonus room as the fireworks were freaking them out a bit. I am hoping the kids wrap it up SOON as it is all ready 10 PM.

I spent the day baking and cooking and that was about it. I made chilli... I know it's a little hot for chilli but it's the ingredients I had on hand.  And I baked 4 pies... 2 apple, 1 cherry and 1 blueberry! But it all started with sour cream biscuits cut into hearts per Scott's selection of cookie cutter this morning.

Waiting on breakfast is so exhausting!

Add some bacon , scrambled eggs with cheese and you have an awesome breakfast!

First from the oven... two apple pies

Joined later by a cherry and a blueberry.

Thursday, July 03, 2014


Sorry I've been out of pocket lately! Been walking by the River, working and crafting! The photos along the river from last weekend... the kids sure were enjoying the river!

Osprey babies!


Someone needs to help that Giant stand back up!

Momma Osprey fishing!

Saw this on our way home and Scott HAD to get out and check it out and photograph it as well. I told him he should write a blog post about what memory it brought to mind.

Flowers I created  from a package of pressed silk flowers I bought on discount at Jo-Ann's a little while ago.

A Ribbon flower!

Two cats, some soup and a dog

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