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Thursday, July 17, 2014


OH YES! I am enjoying my first cup this morning! Wishing it was my first for the start of a nice relaxing day at home instead of the start to another freight pushing day but it is what it is and I have a job I enjoy.

I've been antzy for a day trip somewhere fun with Scott so I will start researching for an interesting place to visit next month. Can't really do it this month as we have some large expenses coming up. One is getting our son, Greg into college. He is taking just one course to "get his feet wet". It's an intro to college life to help him see what to expect. If he decides he wants to go on from there we will help him anyway we can. He is also talking about joining the Merchant Marines so we will see where life takes him. He is definitely on his own path.

I'm going to do a little shopping for a friend today. And I have a few things to get mailed as well. And then LAUNDRY! UGH! Was too exhausted the past couple days to get any over but we will be running naked soon if I don't do some today. I did real well with doing laundry on Monday's and Thursdays for about 2 weeks and then got off track. It really is nice not having laundry to do on the weekends so I'd like to get back to doing it only on those two days... lets see if I manage to do it.

I bought some fabric for some new drapes for the large front window and need to get sewing on those... Once those are finished I need to make some for the room next to it that we plan to use as our "office" as soon as we can hire someone to update the wiring. Scott is just not physically able to do it any more. But nothing is stopping me from sewing the drapes/curtains now. I also want to get these rooms painted but I can do that. It's fun planning things again.

Time to get ready for work. ENJOY YOUR THURSDAY!

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