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Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

We stuck close to home today. Scott got the lawn mowed which made the dogs extremely happy. Currently the dogs are in the bonus room as the fireworks were freaking them out a bit. I am hoping the kids wrap it up SOON as it is all ready 10 PM.

I spent the day baking and cooking and that was about it. I made chilli... I know it's a little hot for chilli but it's the ingredients I had on hand.  And I baked 4 pies... 2 apple, 1 cherry and 1 blueberry! But it all started with sour cream biscuits cut into hearts per Scott's selection of cookie cutter this morning.

Waiting on breakfast is so exhausting!

Add some bacon , scrambled eggs with cheese and you have an awesome breakfast!

First from the oven... two apple pies

Joined later by a cherry and a blueberry.


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