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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Has not been the best day....

I woke up this morning not really feeling too well... slight headache and feelings of exhaustion. Took a pain reliever and went on into work.. was easily frustrated with everything I did there and was glad when it was time to go. I had a wonderful brunch with my youngest sister, Ronda at 10 AM before she had to be to USC to teach a Summer Math course. It was the best part of today... when I got home the headache had returned with a vengeance and my right ear started throbbing. I rested some in the recliner and then took a shower and climb back in the recliner with the heating pad on my ear. 

For dinner tonight we did "must go" if it was in the fridge it was fair game to be eaten. Now Scott is sleeping in the recliner behind me... I think neither of us slept well last night. Scott said that one of the neighbours has gotten a new puppy and it barked all night long keeping him awake and when he is shifting about I don't sleep well.  I always put my "good ear" down so I didn't hear the dog at all.

Tomorrow WILL BE better! Going to get ready for bed as soon as I get back from picking up some cat food. Good night!


  1. Sorry to learn of your headache and ear pain i have ear pain often.
    Be well soon.

  2. I hope your Wednesday is off to a better start! And I like dogs, but not dog owners who let them annoy the neighborhood. I hope its just a passing phase in training for this puppy and Scott's nights get a bit quieter.

  3. Take care and I hope you will be feeling better :)


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