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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm up... OK I'm UP... Wednesday!!

It is nearly 2 AM and I will be heading out the door shortly. Wednesdays.... YICK! So early and SO labour intensive... HUGE delivery today! HELLO HALLOWEEN! Yes... you read that correctly Halloween is making it's way into the store to shove Spring and Summer on out. THE RETAIL SEASON has begun! Dare I say it.... only 5 months until Christmas. OH MY! That does sound so wrong! May need to schedule a breather soon... I mean a few extra days off.

I created a photo slide show for my You Tube channel... enjoy...


  1. Now, that is something that would really bug me if I worked where you do, rushing the seasons. I would need a breather too, to recuperate after a huge delivery and lots of work days.

    I enjoyed your little video.


  2. By the time a Holiday actually arrives I'm sick of looking at it... kinda takes the joy out of the Holidays some times


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