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Saturday, June 28, 2014

A bit of this a little of That!

Osprey nest from the bridge - we decided the sun was just in the wrong position on the day we went so we will try again tomorrow morning. I hope the weather will co-operate as I want to get some better photos before the babies have flown.
Spotted this green dragon fly on our way back to our car. Just love his/her brilliance.
Cucumbers from our little garden
Yellow squash from our garden.
Girl sketches on old book pages to use in mixed media projects.
After I had gone back over their outlines.
Bird on a line... Scott thought it was a hawk but to me in looked more like a raggedy pigeon - what do you think?
MMMMMMMmmmmm.... Rosewood Dairy Bar
Caramel Sundae
Spent today (Saturday) Thrift store shopping! Cat was all ready here - NOT found at any Thrift store.
A lovely print for our wall! We both just love her.
Here is a video of the items we found...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Grand Plan!

OK... so yesterday I had this GRAND PLAN! I decided that I would set laundry to two days -- Mondays and Thursdays! Well I changed the linens on our bed and got the laundry all sorted and a load over in the washer... well then a nap happened and I awoke at 3:30 PM... just in time to start dinner! SO... I'm doing laundry again today and plan to finish it up. I will do laundry again on Thursday as I just don't want to do laundry on weekends any more... those are going to be for "projects" or "fun days". Just trying to get more done around here.

We are in the middle of Inventory Prep at the store and it is exhausting and I am ever so glad I am not in a Management position any more. It will all be over on Monday and we can get back to "normal"... what ever that means as we are starting to get Fall Merchandise in all ready and before you know it we will be getting in CHRISTMAS....  UGH! And the Retail Merry-Go-round goes round and round!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Crafting MINUS the ice cream

We ended up meeting at the library and just sitting at a table by the Reference counter... we actually got SHHHH'd by the Librarian. ROWDY CRAFTERS and all. We altered pictures printed on card stock with embroidery floss. Here was my effort...
I will use a larger image next time as this one was only about 3 inches square and quite hard to handle.

Greg did some work on his old car today. He is trying to get it back running so he will have something to drive to work besides his Moped. Right now he is working on the brakes and he needs a ball joint.

Scott worked at getting some parts off our old lawnmower that we can use for repairs and the rest of the mower Greg will take to the scrap yard. That old mower lasted over 25 years with us... nothing you buy now will last that long.

I have a few things in bloom around the yard. And the garden is coming along nicely. So far so good with the sheet over the peppers.

Crafty Saturday~

Well my local crafting group is meeting today at 2 at one of our favourite places - ZESTOS!  For a bite of something tasty and a bit of crafting. We are to bring scissors, a needle, a photo, embroidery floss and some tape. One of the members is going to show us a quick fun craft using these items. Should be fun!

I decided to add a little more to the 6x6-inch little wall hanging and I made a matching card to write a note to the gal that is going to receive the wall hanging. Hard to believe it is made out of a piece of card board that I brought home from work now. I hope she will like it.

Yesterday Scott went up to Greenville to help his sister get more out of their Uncle's house and to see what else he could help her with. They are trying to get it empty and all repairs done so that it can be put on the market and sold. I appreciate all the hard work my Sister-in-law has had to do to settle that Estate.  With her work schedule that involves so much travel this has really been exhausting and not easy for her.

While I was home this week I went through my fabric stash and am giving away a bunch of my fabric as it would be better served by someone else. I gave some to a friend that does sewing classes for little girls and I have 3 boxes for another friend in my crafting group that is a stay-at-home Mom and Homeschooler that sews for her children. I need to set up a time to take those to her. I still have a TON! I have a few more boxes to go through and see what else I am ready to part with; another friend has said she would like some as she is getting back into sewing so I will give her first crack at it and then if there is any cottons left I will give them to my Mother-in-law to donate to her churches quilt project. With the space I am creating I will be utilizing items recently gifted to me by my Sister-in-law, Debbie as she is trying to clear out her parents home as well and she gave me some crafting goodness. I gave one of  my crafting tables to another friend to make room for a wonderful storage piece I received from Debbie.
I'm going to use this for Seasonal rubber and clear stamps and ink pads.
Last weekend I sanded and painted the $5 shelf from The Goodwill and I LOVE the colour! I will be using this for my "cat" rubber stamps; back ground stamps, my "Made By" stamps and perhaps a few miscellaneous stamps as well. I love this mossy green colour so much more than the dark stain that was on it and am kicking myself for not buying BOTH of the shelves from that Goodwill. I will be painting all my storage pieces this colour that I have picked up at thrift stores.  I simply LOVE IT!

Scott and Greg are still sound asleep and I am going to let them! They were both exhausted from their work weeks. I have picked enough blackberries from our bushes in the front yard that I can make a batch of black berry muffins for breakfast so I will go do that now.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beat the Alarm up!

Today is my first day back to work. I had to take Monday through Wednesday per my Dr to give a tendon in my right ankle time to heal and reduce inflammation. I feel GREAT now but all last weekend it felt like someone was periodically shoving an ice pick into my ankle right at the top of my foot. I guess I just need to listen to my body a bit more closely from now on.

Needless to say I was afraid of over sleeping and have been up since about 2:30... my alarm will be going off shortly. Scott is still in bed and Greg came out of his room and is sleeping in the recliner behind me. I think we all take a turn in that recliner during the day.

Well the Insurance man was out yesterday and the cost of the tree and a few shingles for the roof and we will be getting back about $600 less than what we spent having the tree removed. I think we are going to get a loan and just have a whole new roof put on the house. Our deductible just ate up most of what we had all ready spent but that is life and I am glad we had the money in our Savings to get the tree cut and out of here. I cringe at the thought of taking out a loan but the roof needs to be repaired; it's not leaking at the moment but could at any time as it is nearly 20 years old.

It's something all the time when you own a house. We are trying to get the yard cleaned up a little more each week. Scott repaired another section on the fence last weekend and it looks GREAT and the dogs can't escape. Scott had taken  most of last week off for his birthday and to paint the house... house painting did not take place as the fence repairs won out. We have SO much to get done around here and we don't move like we used to that is for sure. AH well... at least we can still move... right?

The garden is coming along and my sheet cover seems to be helping the peppers survive.  Greg is wanting to plant a new tree or two and we are leaning toward fruit trees or some more Crepe Myrtles. Something that won't get HUGE but will create some shade.

I've been working on some crafting projects while I was re-cooperating from the tendon issue since I was to let it rest and not stress it and will share a few pictures of those projects now.
A 6x6 inch mixed media piece.

Paper and lace rosette and an in progress altered cork to the right top.
Time to get ready for work!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Whats on the Camera?

This is going to be mostly photos that I've captured that are VERY random.

 Greg's Truck was towed away by the Insurance Company. And now Greg is focusing on getting HIS Buick back on the road and that will be AWESOME!
 Scott constructed an AWESOME new gate so the dogs won't escape the back yard. I  LOVE having a Handy Hubby!

 The gardenia by the garage has started to bloom and fill the air with it's wonderful scent. I picked this one and one other to bring into the house to enjoy on my kitchen window ledge.
 I'm trying to create some shade for our pepper plants as they burn up in the sun nearly every year. So an old sheet over the tomato cages is this years attempt.
 Scott is removing the old ramp into the shed and will be building some new doors. We will have a temp ramp to put in place to get the mower in and out from now on. He is trying to reduce the splash back on the doors.

 Doe a Deer... a Female Deer....

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