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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Grand Plan!

OK... so yesterday I had this GRAND PLAN! I decided that I would set laundry to two days -- Mondays and Thursdays! Well I changed the linens on our bed and got the laundry all sorted and a load over in the washer... well then a nap happened and I awoke at 3:30 PM... just in time to start dinner! SO... I'm doing laundry again today and plan to finish it up. I will do laundry again on Thursday as I just don't want to do laundry on weekends any more... those are going to be for "projects" or "fun days". Just trying to get more done around here.

We are in the middle of Inventory Prep at the store and it is exhausting and I am ever so glad I am not in a Management position any more. It will all be over on Monday and we can get back to "normal"... what ever that means as we are starting to get Fall Merchandise in all ready and before you know it we will be getting in CHRISTMAS....  UGH! And the Retail Merry-Go-round goes round and round!

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