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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Crafting MINUS the ice cream

We ended up meeting at the library and just sitting at a table by the Reference counter... we actually got SHHHH'd by the Librarian. ROWDY CRAFTERS and all. We altered pictures printed on card stock with embroidery floss. Here was my effort...
I will use a larger image next time as this one was only about 3 inches square and quite hard to handle.

Greg did some work on his old car today. He is trying to get it back running so he will have something to drive to work besides his Moped. Right now he is working on the brakes and he needs a ball joint.

Scott worked at getting some parts off our old lawnmower that we can use for repairs and the rest of the mower Greg will take to the scrap yard. That old mower lasted over 25 years with us... nothing you buy now will last that long.

I have a few things in bloom around the yard. And the garden is coming along nicely. So far so good with the sheet over the peppers.

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