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Friday, June 06, 2014

Whats on the Camera?

This is going to be mostly photos that I've captured that are VERY random.

 Greg's Truck was towed away by the Insurance Company. And now Greg is focusing on getting HIS Buick back on the road and that will be AWESOME!
 Scott constructed an AWESOME new gate so the dogs won't escape the back yard. I  LOVE having a Handy Hubby!

 The gardenia by the garage has started to bloom and fill the air with it's wonderful scent. I picked this one and one other to bring into the house to enjoy on my kitchen window ledge.
 I'm trying to create some shade for our pepper plants as they burn up in the sun nearly every year. So an old sheet over the tomato cages is this years attempt.
 Scott is removing the old ramp into the shed and will be building some new doors. We will have a temp ramp to put in place to get the mower in and out from now on. He is trying to reduce the splash back on the doors.

 Doe a Deer... a Female Deer....


  1. Oh I am sorry about Gregs truck and the Buick will be nice. Scott builds nice fence. Doe a Deer:) Have a nice weekend. Hug B

  2. Its always an odd and interesting assortment on the camera, isn't it? Nice photos. Handy hubbies are just the greatest household treasure, or at least one of them. Do you know what kind of deer that is? Ah, what a world...even your deer are different than mine. I am captivated by the endless mystery.

    1. It's a White Tail Deer... at least that is what the Hunters call them around here. Our only interest is to spot them and take their photos.

    2. Hmmmm....we have white tailed deer here, but I've never seen one with so much black, especially around the tail. How interesting!


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