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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beat the Alarm up!

Today is my first day back to work. I had to take Monday through Wednesday per my Dr to give a tendon in my right ankle time to heal and reduce inflammation. I feel GREAT now but all last weekend it felt like someone was periodically shoving an ice pick into my ankle right at the top of my foot. I guess I just need to listen to my body a bit more closely from now on.

Needless to say I was afraid of over sleeping and have been up since about 2:30... my alarm will be going off shortly. Scott is still in bed and Greg came out of his room and is sleeping in the recliner behind me. I think we all take a turn in that recliner during the day.

Well the Insurance man was out yesterday and the cost of the tree and a few shingles for the roof and we will be getting back about $600 less than what we spent having the tree removed. I think we are going to get a loan and just have a whole new roof put on the house. Our deductible just ate up most of what we had all ready spent but that is life and I am glad we had the money in our Savings to get the tree cut and out of here. I cringe at the thought of taking out a loan but the roof needs to be repaired; it's not leaking at the moment but could at any time as it is nearly 20 years old.

It's something all the time when you own a house. We are trying to get the yard cleaned up a little more each week. Scott repaired another section on the fence last weekend and it looks GREAT and the dogs can't escape. Scott had taken  most of last week off for his birthday and to paint the house... house painting did not take place as the fence repairs won out. We have SO much to get done around here and we don't move like we used to that is for sure. AH well... at least we can still move... right?

The garden is coming along and my sheet cover seems to be helping the peppers survive.  Greg is wanting to plant a new tree or two and we are leaning toward fruit trees or some more Crepe Myrtles. Something that won't get HUGE but will create some shade.

I've been working on some crafting projects while I was re-cooperating from the tendon issue since I was to let it rest and not stress it and will share a few pictures of those projects now.
A 6x6 inch mixed media piece.

Paper and lace rosette and an in progress altered cork to the right top.
Time to get ready for work!

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