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Saturday, June 30, 2007


I'm OFF! Thankfully and am enjoying the day! I ordered some books from Amazon and will have them to look through on my next day off... not sure when that is actually but I am hoping for 2 days off this week.knock on wood!

I so want a cottage of sorts up on our land so we can get out of the city SOON! One book is of cottage plans so we will see what we come up with. I still like the idea of the Deltec homes too. Always dreaming and planning.

Greg lost his job at Jiffy Lube yesterday... UGH! I hope he finds another job quickly!

I joined a new yahoo group and they are just starting out but are quite active. Perhaps they will inspire me to find more time for ME! It's a quilting group and they are quite bubbly. Which is GREAT!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

HHHMMMmmm a day off!

A complete 24 hours with no work.... sounds heavenly! I'm hoping for that to occur on the 30th of this month as we will be attending David and Debbie's marriage celebration at their home that evening; they went to Myrtle Beach and got married last month. During the day Scott and I really need to attack the lawn and house as both are totally and completely out of control and I can't stand it any longer. I know... sounds like more work! Oh well it will make our home more pleasant to be in and I won't feel the need to crawl under a rock when someone just drops in.

It has been a LONG month this month! In August I will be taking time off for Scott's surgery and for my class reunion. That will be a nice break.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


"TOOKERS" are FEET in my husbands' Aunt's mind. I've got to look into getting some new sneakers as mine have completely went to you no where and are not giving me any support. The bottoms of my feet are so swollen this morning that it's hard to even walk and they ached all night long so I'm feeling exhausted. I've taken a pain reliever and it will probably kick in about the time it's time to go into work.

We have a new resident at the store that I'm going to have to help relocate before he scares another customer. It's a 5 striped skink; a lovely lizard thats quite beneficial but needs to be living outdoors. They like damp environments and eat bugs.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Trip up to the property

Yesterday after I got home from the store we ate dinner at Scott's Moms' and then drove up to our property in Fairfield County and walked around. The puppies from next door have grown and 3 of them followed us as we walked the property. They are quite homely dogs and two had mange quite badly. Someone had put Seven Dust on them but what they really need is a trip to a vet for the proper medication to kill the stuff.

Of course Scott also captures me with the camera... UGH! I was swollen and tired and NOT up to picture taking.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Isn't this lovely?

This flower is by our garage walk in door. It doesn't have leaves this time of year but sends up shoots that pop open to these beautiful flowers. Scott was learning how to use his new camera today and I asked him to capture this flower before it disappeared until next year.

Touchy Subject

An interesting blog of sermons. I am not a church attending individual but enjoy reading about different religions and different views on Christianity. I considered my self a spiritual person but not a full blown Christian. I was baptized into the United Methodist church and became a member of that church at the age of 17 but do not currently attend a church or services of any sorts. My Grandma was deeply religious and I was raised to attend both Sunday school and church but as I reached adulthood I became more interested in expanding my knowledge beyond Christianity.

The sermon on the above blog is about our actions and how they affect people in the chain of life. For every reaction or action there is a consequence for you or someone you come in contact with or someone else down the line. How often have we said things or done things that we wished we had not and how many times has someone said or done something to you thats set you off for a bad day? Isn't it interesting how life works? Every religion of the world has deep views and perspectives on how people should live their lives and the consequences for not following "the word" alone can lead to some conflicts and hurt. I remember as a teen thinking... "why can't people just agree that they are different and get along so there were no wars". Religious beliefs are wonderful but until people stop trying to choose religions for others there will be no peace in this world. I believe people should rejoice in their beliefs and share their ideals with other like minded individuals but not try to convert others that have made their own religious choices. Love of mankind and the individual and being thankful for what we learn thru our lives should lead to fulfillment not condemnation.

Just some of my Sunday morning thoughts.

Father's Day

It's Father's Day today! I will call my step-dad after awhile to wish him a happy one. I always wonder what my life would have been like in a normal family with a father and mother raising me instead of the life I had but then I remember how loving my Grandma was and how much she dearly loved me and all she did for me and I am very thankful to having being raised by her. Happy memories far out way the bad things that happened to me. She did the best she could for me and she taught me so very much and she loved me with her whole heart and soul.

I ordered Scott a new digital camera and a pro's kit to go along with it. I keep trying to get him to take a class as I think that he would enjoy it immensely... maybe I will sign him up for one in the Spring when we are not working quite so much... it's nearly Christmas rush time all ready!

We have started receiving fall and Christmas merchandise in the store and soon the seasonal department will look a lot less like it does now. Time passes so quickly!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cost of Groceries

We went to the grocery store last night to stock up the kitchen and spent over $150.00. When I was home all the time I would be pinching every penny and using coupons now I'm just applaud at the price of everything we stick in our cart. And you really can't be guarantied that it's 100% safe to consume. When we first got married/together we could get a can of LeSeur brand peas on sale for 50 cents they are now $1.19 a can... WOW!

Our door bell rang at about 1 AM - I didn't get up but Scott did; it was a girl looking for Greg. UGH! The joys of having a 20 year old in the house! I just went on back to sleep once Scott returned to bed.

Later today I will be driving up to Cary NC to help with that stores revamp. Should be interesting and hopefully I will bring more ideas back for our store. I will be gone until Thursday so I made sure to buy things quick to fix for Scott and Greg. I better start packing and Scott wants waffles for breakfast... YUMMY!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nightly Excitement!

I had just stepped out the shower and my phone was ringing in the kitchen. I didn't get to it in time but they left a message. It was ADT calling to let me know that the alarm was going off at the store. I called Amanda to see if she was still at the store but she was home all ready but she said that she would drive back over. We met there and everything seemed all right. Amanda said that Diann was having trouble getting her key to work so I will need to call facilities to see about getting it looked at. I will also need to call LP to let them know about it as well. It's always something with that old building.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm Awake - really I am!

I'm not scheduled to be in the store until 1 and I am so glad about that as I have a bunch of things to get done around here this morning like laundry and I need to make a bank run before I go in as well. Sunday I will be going up to Cary NC to help with that revamp until Thursday. I'm just hoping that Amanda and Lenora can hold things together until I get back and that we are ready for the Firefly Frenzy sale the next week.

Scott has started some tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and we have volunteer melon of sorts in the garden. OH a fresh from the garden tomato sandwich... YUMMY!

On the 18th Scott has an appointment with a different surgeon to repair another hernia on his belly. Poor guy has been quite miserable with it this past week... really bothering him a good bit.

Bonuses came in from Bose so we are getting Greg's front-end rebuilt on his car and Scott is looking at digital cameras and his car needs work as well. I'd love to take a couple days away somewhere as well... we'll see. After all this traveling for work I'd love to share places with Scott.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Just when I thought things were totally out of control more is added to the mix. Oh well thats life I guess... just go with the flow! At least that is what I keep telling myself and hoping and praying that things will get easier and not so stressful.

Scott went to see Dr Griggs yesterday and will be getting a referral to another surgeon as it looks like he has another hernia that needs repair. He was miserable all this past weekend. So something has to be done.

Greg's car is at Discount Tire having the front end rebuilt on it as it had reached an unsafe operating condition. Next Scott's car will be going in for a clutch rebuild/replacement. Always something!

I'm flat exhausted and that isn't very conducive to handling stress! I'm to expect auditors in the area. UGH!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Morning ALL READY?!

I had a very hard time winding down last night so I've had about 3 and a half hours of sleep. I made the decision to be into the store at 6 this morning so that we can get some plan-o-grams completed before we open this morning. Paint and finishes and a bunch of cross-stitch still needs to be set. I told Tim that we would be caught up by Thursday and I'm one to do all I can to make it so. I am getting tired and I won't have a day off at all this week. OH WELL! Still no word on whether I will have to go up to Cary NC next week or not... I guess I will be making a last minute schedule change on that. UGH!

The grass sure has greened up nicely and I am glad that we don't water constantly as our lawn seems healthier for it now. I just can't justify that expense - bought water on grass so I will have to find time to mow more often. Time is money! And the chemicals they put in city water isn't good for the lawn anyways. Probably not good for me either but what can we do we have to have water.

Monday, June 04, 2007


We are finally getting some much needed roof which is great to clean the air and the plants and animals are enjoying it immensely. The store roof on the other hand has not handled it well at all. I had to move a 4 foot section of fabric so that it would not get wet. Now I'm waiting on the landlord to come out and repair the roof. Hopefully he won't drag his feet on it long.

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