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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Good Grief Now it's July~

This year is flying by so fast!

We didn't do anything special for the 4th of July this year. I don't really care for fireworks as they upset the Vets and pets so much. And we were working on the house. The drive down was AWFUL! Traffic was so heavy and crazy. There were so many inconsiderate people on the road. Lots of speeding and cutting other people off. I was so glad to get down to the house and then we came back up on the 3rd as we knew traffic would be crazy again on the 4th. I don't think I will want to travel again on a Holiday weekend.

I am currently suffering with a bought of poison ivy that I got from the cottage kitties. I am thinking the sap was on their fur and when I loved on them I got it on my right leg and my neck. The leg is healing and doing well but the stuff on my neck is horrible. So painful and itchy. I have bought a topical Anti-Itch Lotion and it is helping but I have to keep reapplying it.

Fast Forward to July 30th.
I started this post some time ago but never got back to finish it and now August is just around the corner. August is "family birthday's" month with a birthday every week! First my sister, Hazel who sadly has chosen to cut us all out of her life. I miss her but understand the confusion in her life so much more than the others.

Then our nephew, Drake has a birthday and has just graduated Officers Training with the Navy. We are so proud of him and hope he knows it. Another we rarely get to see but in his case his life has taken him in a fabulous new direction. ANd we wish him well.

Then my Mom's birthday... then Greg's and I think there is one more after that. I have a birthday calendar but it is up at the cottage and we are down at the house this weekend.

Yesterday (July 29 th) Scott and Greg drove my car to Charlotte , NC so that Greg could use my car as a trade-in on a new car for himself. It was time to let my car go and he needed something with air conditioning. I hope he will be happy with the car he has chosen. I also hope that he stays safe in it as it is not a particularly safe car to drive. But he is happy with it  and I guess that is what matters most to him.

Sorry no photos in this post.

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