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Monday, July 27, 2015

OOPS! Missed Sunday!

Here it is Monday night! I totally forgot to get on here and write up a post. I worked 6 days last week and then Friday once I got home from work Scott and I went to Greenville to do some work on his Uncle's House. It's really shaping up and it won't be long until it is ready to sell.  YEAH! I know we are all looking forward to that day as we will have all that work behind us.

I did fit in some crafting time last week and made several more ATC's (Artist Trading Cards). I'm making these to swap with other Artist/ Crafters. Here are the ones I completed this past week....

I love making these little 2 1/2x 3 1/2 inch trading cards.

Time for bed now... perhaps I will write more during the week!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

HOT!!!!! That IS what it IS! HOT!

Here it is Sunday once more and I am here to check in with you all. I hope everyone that reads this blog is having a wonderful Summer!

This past week has been... LONG!!! I really don't know where to begin so I will load up some photos from this week and go from there.

As part of my Christmas in July crafts I created this ornament/ decoration using a chipboard scrap left over from another project and some siding trim remnants from Scott's shed project as the frame. I hand painted the snowmen  in the Winter scene watching the star shining brightly in the night sky. I had originally thought to leave the frame plain bright red but then decided to bring out the wood grain with some gold. I really love how this turned out and plan to make some more. From trash to decor!

#lovesummerart an online Art Collaboration on You Tube
This weekend on You Tube over 200 Artists, Crafters and Creators have gotten together to have a Collaborated On-line Art Show. All you have to do to enjoy it is go on you tube and type in #lovesummerart and MANY Artsy videos will come up for you to enjoy and to be inspired by. This was my first creation and I am planning to do one more small project tomorrow.
An Exploding Canvas
The theme was "Summer" of course for this month. This will continue next month with a whole new theme and #! I will of course share that news once the new projects start coming out.

I really love how this project turned out and I am going to be selfish and keep it for myself. I am always giving my creations away but this one I have decided is MINE all mine!  

 Friday I went into work and worked 4 to 9 AM and then came home and Scott and I drove to Greeneville, SC to work on his Uncles House. We repainted the downstairs bath a lovely Spring Green. I just had to as it was the paint his Aunt had bought and had shown me years ago and I wanted to make her dream and vision come to life even though she is gone. And boy oh boy were we thrilled with the result. It is so very Spa like in there now. Scott painted the moldings and the vanity a crisp white and replaced the ceiling light fixture near the shower with an inexpensive LED light that puts out the softest light... VERY soothing! I also washed ALL of the paneling and cabinets down stairs with Mr Clean with Febreeze... WOW what a difference that made! So clean and smelled so good!

We worked away at Uncle Jessie's until about 10 PM and then drove the 2 hours home - it was after midnight when we pulled in the driveway. Yesterday (Saturday) was spent trying to catch up on some much needed rest so that I could go into work this morning. And it is looking like I will be working everyday this week... so 6 days straight.

Before we got started at the house we went to THE BIG CLOCK! I got to experience my very first "Volcano Burger" . It is a Burger loaded up with smoked sausage, Provolone cheese, fried onion rings, jalapenos and Buffalo Ranch Dressing. We followed our burgers with a slice of Strawberry cheese cake made with Greek yogurt. YUMMY!

Let me back up to earlier on Friday... MUCH earlier. On my way into work at 3:30 AM (yes - I went in an hour earlier too) a double trailer was in front and to the right of me and it threw up a rock... yes another damaged windshield. I am hoping the chemical repair they are coming to do tomorrow will fix it and the thing doesn't spread and require a complete replacement AGAIN this year. I hate rocks!

Well I guess that wraps up this week.. you all take care.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Checking In

It seems I can manage a quick post on Sundays so perhaps that is what I will start doing here each week. I'll keep notes each day and then on Sunday's I will do a run down on the week. How does that sound?

Well last week was just one stress filled day after another at work but only because the Management team was stressing out and all that stress was in the air so I was bouncing off it like crazy. Sometimes I wish I didn't "feel" so much! This week I'm going to go in and do my job and not take in any of the added stress and just try to make each day fun. I'm thrilled that I am off by 9  - 3 out of the 5 days this week - THAT alone will make a HUGE difference for me.

Tonights Sunset!
I am behind with some crafty things so once I am home from work each day I am going to focus on getting caught up. Some more Christmas in July Projects and perhaps the start toward Christmas gifts.

Yesterday Scott and I drove to Greeneville to do a bit of work on his Uncles house. Of course I was neglectful and don't have any photos to share. I repainted the downstairs bathroom in a lovely Spring green - found a gallon of it in the closet and remembered it was the paint Scott's Aunt told me she had bought for the bathroom a long time ago. I opened it up and gave it a thorough stirring and before I knew it I had the bathroom looking amazing. There is still a small spot that Scott had to repair and requires a bit more work and will  need painting when we go up again. I saved the remaining paint for that next to the toilet in the can.  Scott ran and repaired molding in all the upstairs rooms and did some repairs to the walls. They will all need painting as well. I will be glad when we are through so we can focus on the repairs to our own house.

Well I'm off to bed... take care!

Sunday, July 05, 2015


IN JULY!!!! Well that is what I've been working on... Christmas in July projects. I've started making Christmas cards and today I finished a "December Daily". A December Daily is basically a daily journal with a Christmas theme that covers December 1rst through the 25th! I made mine with some money card holders that I bought on a deep discount, scrap book card stock , chipboard and some of Scott's Leatherette and Bonded leather.

First here are the cards I made on Friday! I used mostly scraps from my scrap paper bin. For the card base and envelope I cheated and used some blank cards I bought at Michael's.  I just love how they turned out and I plan to make a bunch more! I WILL BE READY FOR CHRISTMAS this year!

Today I finished the December Daily and I think it turned out pretty good! As I fill it during December I will add more embellishments, photo's and journal the daily events leading up to Christmas Day. I am hoping to fill it with lots of happy memories and perhaps the recipes we use through out the Season, lists, gifts, etc.....

I hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL 4th of July!

Friday, July 03, 2015

The Moon was so BEAUTIFUL~

As I was leaving for work a couple days ago the moon was so gorgeous - it was sorta orange. Not sure I was able to capture it too well though. The orange tint did not pick up but I still love this picture.

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