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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Checking In

It seems I can manage a quick post on Sundays so perhaps that is what I will start doing here each week. I'll keep notes each day and then on Sunday's I will do a run down on the week. How does that sound?

Well last week was just one stress filled day after another at work but only because the Management team was stressing out and all that stress was in the air so I was bouncing off it like crazy. Sometimes I wish I didn't "feel" so much! This week I'm going to go in and do my job and not take in any of the added stress and just try to make each day fun. I'm thrilled that I am off by 9  - 3 out of the 5 days this week - THAT alone will make a HUGE difference for me.

Tonights Sunset!
I am behind with some crafty things so once I am home from work each day I am going to focus on getting caught up. Some more Christmas in July Projects and perhaps the start toward Christmas gifts.

Yesterday Scott and I drove to Greeneville to do a bit of work on his Uncles house. Of course I was neglectful and don't have any photos to share. I repainted the downstairs bathroom in a lovely Spring green - found a gallon of it in the closet and remembered it was the paint Scott's Aunt told me she had bought for the bathroom a long time ago. I opened it up and gave it a thorough stirring and before I knew it I had the bathroom looking amazing. There is still a small spot that Scott had to repair and requires a bit more work and will  need painting when we go up again. I saved the remaining paint for that next to the toilet in the can.  Scott ran and repaired molding in all the upstairs rooms and did some repairs to the walls. They will all need painting as well. I will be glad when we are through so we can focus on the repairs to our own house.

Well I'm off to bed... take care!


  1. You had a busy weekend doing some work at anuncles. The sunset is very pretty.

    1. And now it is back to work... all I really want to do is climb back in bed this morning. ;)


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