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Sunday, July 05, 2015


IN JULY!!!! Well that is what I've been working on... Christmas in July projects. I've started making Christmas cards and today I finished a "December Daily". A December Daily is basically a daily journal with a Christmas theme that covers December 1rst through the 25th! I made mine with some money card holders that I bought on a deep discount, scrap book card stock , chipboard and some of Scott's Leatherette and Bonded leather.

First here are the cards I made on Friday! I used mostly scraps from my scrap paper bin. For the card base and envelope I cheated and used some blank cards I bought at Michael's.  I just love how they turned out and I plan to make a bunch more! I WILL BE READY FOR CHRISTMAS this year!

Today I finished the December Daily and I think it turned out pretty good! As I fill it during December I will add more embellishments, photo's and journal the daily events leading up to Christmas Day. I am hoping to fill it with lots of happy memories and perhaps the recipes we use through out the Season, lists, gifts, etc.....

I hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL 4th of July!

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