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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Photo Update

Piper growing like a weed... shots are up to date and complete and she has her appointment to be spayed next month (March 14th)

Flowers I bought for myself a few days before Valentines just because they were so pretty at Aldi's.

We had a little snow shower one morning last week in Greenville SC... it did not stick around but was so pretty coming down. My favorite kind of snow storm. 

Roses from my Sweetheart! He rarely buys me flowers but when he does  they are beautiful! HAPPY VALENTINES!

Dutch Chocolate for me and Buttered Pecan for the NUT I am married to... HA HA

Cards that I dreamed up and created for a lady that is putting together a box of cards for her Mom to give to people. I thought it was a lovely idea and hope that she will enjoy the 5 that I made. They were loads of fun to make.

This one was my favorite!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WHEW - Let's Catch Up A Bit

Living between two homes is CRAZY! And more than a little bit tiresome but we are hanging in there. I'm currently back at our house in Cayce as my car was having some noise issues that Scott was concerned about so it is back in the shop. I am hoping it will be ready this morning so I can get back up to the little cottage as I have some sewing to do up there for my new niece and nephew and my machine and supplies are all up there... as well as most of my clothes. UGH! I did laundry last night here so that I will have something to wear today.

OK... lets back up a bit and see what I have taken photos of since my last post... WARNING MANY PHOTOS AHEAD!

My new little crafting space at the Cottage. I will be relocating this to the tiny room off the main room once we finish doing some work in there. For now this makes me happy and gives me something to do while Scott is at work each day.
The Resident Teddy who watches over us every night and makes sure I make up the bed every morning.
 One of the meals I had prepared at the Cottage - a fried ham slice, mashes potatoes with pan gravy and canned baked beans. It was delicious!
A garage find still in it's original packaging - a jelly roll pan. I'm thinking a sponge cake with jam is in order. Bought on clearance for $1.79 at Solomon's... YEARS AGO!
The old furnace  that works hard to keep us warm at the cottage. We have a lot of work ahead of us as we need to clean under the house out so we can get the washer set up so I am not having to drag laundry down here to do it each week. It's like a walk down memory lane on all the shelves... do you see some old brands that you recognize?

Saturday (January 30th) before this past Scott and I went to explore Liberty, SC as that is the town where his job is actually located and we had lunch at "Ponchos". It was DELICIOUS!!! And the whole place was restored beautifully! I hope that more people find it and make it a great success as it has been THE BEST restaurant we have found so far on this new part of our life's adventure.

I found this quick and SUPER easy recipe online for these cherry cheese danishes... I know NOT part of a diabetic diet but OH SO GOOD!  Thank you SO much Hugs and cookies!!!

One evening we drove up into NC to Asheville so Scott could buy this old table saw. For $80 and some maneuvering he and the fella he was buying it from got it into the trunk of Scott's car... I was amazed. The next day Scott worked at getting it out and put back together. Once the motor was removed he and the 79 year old man across the street got it out of the trunk... I was a nervous wreck worrying that one or both of them was going to get hurt. They got it out and into the garage and now Scott is happily working on restoring it and cleaning it up good as he goes. He said it was full of old lubricant and saw dust.

 I created some "inchies" which are 1"x1" tiny tiles to use as embellishments on cards, mini-albums and ATC's. I really like how these turned out. Made these at the cottage.
Then I came back down here on  February 3rd as I had to take the two dogs back into the Vet for their second round of treatment for Heartworms on the 4th. I do believe Piper missed her "Grandma".
I'm so addicted to making these "inchies" that I made some more down here with the limited supplies I had on hand. This time I used the gold glitter Mod Podge. You really have to shake it well to mix the glitter back up as it settles firmly in the bottom when not in use. I like how shiny and "blingy" these turned out too.

Yesterday I was able to get a picture of a pair of the large woodpeckers as well as several other visitors to the feeders. Such handsome birds they are and a joy to watch.

A Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

Pine Warbler

Female Cardinal
This morning our little weather dude had a friend... a tiny snowman. BRRRRR!
Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to say hello in the comments! I have a lot more "free" time these days so I will be around more.

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