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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Photo Update

Piper growing like a weed... shots are up to date and complete and she has her appointment to be spayed next month (March 14th)

Flowers I bought for myself a few days before Valentines just because they were so pretty at Aldi's.

We had a little snow shower one morning last week in Greenville SC... it did not stick around but was so pretty coming down. My favorite kind of snow storm. 

Roses from my Sweetheart! He rarely buys me flowers but when he does  they are beautiful! HAPPY VALENTINES!

Dutch Chocolate for me and Buttered Pecan for the NUT I am married to... HA HA

Cards that I dreamed up and created for a lady that is putting together a box of cards for her Mom to give to people. I thought it was a lovely idea and hope that she will enjoy the 5 that I made. They were loads of fun to make.

This one was my favorite!


  1. Look how big Pyper is! OMGoodness, she is growing! She's so adorable! Your cards are gorgeous, Becky! I do this for my Mom too! This last time she wanted mostly sympathy cards as I guess she uses them more than the others sadly.

    1. My Mother-in-law would want mostly Get Well and Sympathy cards as well. It is so sad when your loved ones start loosing their friends right and left. And some Happy Birthdays too.

  2. Those cards are beautiful! You're very talented there. Matt's mother is, too. I always love getting them. Lovely flowers, too. I got a couple from students that work for me which was a pleasant surprise. Piper is so big already! Crazy. They don't stay so tiny and adorable nearly long enough. Have a great day!


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