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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Heat Required

We've turned our furnace off and have opened some windows so that we can enjoy all the little frogs singing down at the creek. I was telling Scott we need to go hike by the clay pits before it gets too hot and buggy to enjoy. With the rain we've been getting the grass is turning a lovely deep green and the Highway Clover has started to bloom along the roadways. I will have to try to get a photo of it this weekend.  I am planning to do a bit of work in our garden this weekend. I may even plant some potatoes that have begun to sprout in our vegetable bin.

Tomorrow ALL the Store Managers in our District will be in our store for a Training Meeting. We've been designated as THE TRAINING STORE so we will be on full display tomorrow as we are processing this weeks truck so I guess I better get to bed so I can wake up and arrive on time ready to hit the ground running. Gotta have the entire close to 1000 cases done in 5 hours! Goodnight! (Hopefully no one will call out tomorrow).

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cabin Dreams

We have bought 2 plans for a possible next home on our land... "dream plans".  I REALLY like the Lakeside Cottage best as there is a bedroom downstairs and a wonderful wrap around porch. But the Micro-Cottage I could speed clean in less than an hour for the whole house. It's all just dreaming right now. We bought these plans from Andy Sheldon Designs. We are looking at some of his barn plans as well for our "Hobby" areas - his and her shops would be nice separate from the house. Again with those dreams...

This Weather is for the Birds!

And they are fully enjoying our feeder on this cold wet day...
This little guy comes right regular to the suet.


Just 2 of the local clowns! I mean squirrels!

Handsome fellow all dress up!

Mr and Mrs out for a late lunch

So tiny so cute

Morning Doves

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Rest - at least for one of us...

I've added a few more rows to this cowl I'm working on for myself. I so rarely make things for my own use but this year I am planning to focus more on me as I have reached a point where my wardrobe NEEDS my attention. SO you will be seeing a lot more items made for me to wear.

Yesterday I didn't get through the house work until it was time to leave for the little knitting gathering so I have nothing "quilty" to add. But I WILL later this week.

Today Scott and I went up to our 10 acres in the country and he mowed while I simply rested and looked through the sale papers. I needed a 100 % down day and that is what I got.

Scott had a lot of fun on his tractor! There were 4 Bluebirds watching his every move and when he'd make a pass below them they would swoop down to get bugs as soon as he had gone by; that is them on the power line. We need to put up some bluebird houses for them along the property lines.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Catching up Day

Most of today will be spent catching up on projects, getting a package mailed to a special little girl and housework - I will speed through the last part so I can get to the fun. Then this evening I'm attending a Knitter's gathering at Cafe Strudel - a "hen night". More later...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Severe strom, Savings, and misc...

We have been under a Tornado Watch nearly all day. A tornado actually touched down in Pelion, SC not too far away. We were fortunate in that we just have some small branches to clean up in the yard - nothing major. LOTS of rain; which I don't mind a bit as we need it.

Spent $11.08; SAVED $12.85 @ Walgreens
I stopped at Walgreens on the way home and bought a few things that were on sale and that I had a coupon  - if it wasn't on sale AND I had a coupon it didn't go in my cart/buggy. And I am two items ahead on the teen girl's gift baskets for next Christmas. I know the rest is "junk" but everyone needs a little something for their sweet tooth now and then - don't they?

Our mail-man came by and delivered our mail and went on down the street. In a little while TWO more came flying by the house so we had to look out the window and see what was going on; they each did a u-turn and lined up behind our mail-man.

 They all got out and walked around a bit and then the additional two left as quickly as they came - still don't know what it was all about but our mail-man had Emergency flashers on when he came back by our house as he continued his deliveries. It was all just so weird. The neighborhood "smart Alec" kid down the street came out and hollered, "How many mail-men does it take to deliver a letter?".

Scott and I went to True BBQ with Mr. Finn; he enjoyed it. It was a FULL house at lunch. They were BBQ-ing in the rain - now that is dedication. It was all SO GOOD! We saw a LOT of people we knew in there today.  We had the Sexy Lady sauce on our pulled pork - YUM!

Gas prices are going up daily and it's only going to get worse. Two more of our friends have lost their jobs due to cuts. I'm glad I have a job and that Scott does as well but we know that there is so much more to life than money and can't wait to retire. For now though we will remain thankful for the jobs.If we had it all to do over again we would pay cash for everything and NEVER have gone into debt for a thing. Debt is like an iron collar and shackles that you never seem to break free of in your life time once you start.

Fun stuff tomorrow - PROMISE!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yesterday's Savings in photos

The Clothing at K-Mart was more of a savings than what is reflected as it was on the clearance racks with an ADDITIONAL 40% off the Clearance prices.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Watchful Eyes

Our neighbor approached me while I was out getting our mail from the mailbox last evening; it seems someone broke into her house some time Friday night and scared her real bad. So she wants us to keep an eye out for her. She was home and her dog alerted which made it even more terrifying for her. She has also been noticing where there has been activity under her house; even locks being removed from the exterior access doors. So if we hear our dogs sounding off at all I will be getting up and turning all exterior lights on and looking over toward her place - just in case. 

I'm sorry I've not been posting much this week - been feeling kinda blah and I've been working nearly 7 hour days straight through - no breaks. There is just so much to get done at the store right now and there aren't enough people with my experience. I'm not seeing it slow down anytime soon.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

And The Rain, Rain, Rain....

Brought flocks of birds to our yard today...

 And don't forget the squirrels!
AND the ambulance to tote the neighbor off again. I wish she could get the help she needs.

The house next door is being shown a lot more this week than it has been since listed... here's hoping we get some nice neighbors soon so there is someone living there full-time.

That about wraps up this weekend! For those on Holiday tomorrow ... ENJOY YOUR ADDED DAY!

Rainy Sunday Morning

Sorry no sunrise photos this morning - the sun just couldn't win. It is raining and it's supposed to continue all day. I'm really glad that we got our errands run yesterday. I will have to go out and get some gas in a bit so that I can get to work in the morning but other than that I am planning to stay home.

Yesterday Scott and I went to World Market and Bi-Lo for groceries. I had earned a free 12 oz coffee as well as a $10 Reward for purchasing Gourmet Food at World Market and I wanted to use them before they expired; so we went there after we dropped the mail off at the Post Office. I didn't get any photo's of our actual purchases but have scanned our receipts so you can see our savings. Without my rewards the World Market trip would have run $51.55. So if you shop there and aren't on their rewards program you need to get signed up. It can really make a HUGE difference in your bill. I did buy myself a wonderful stainless steel water bottle that was marked down from $7.99 to $3.99. No more soda's at work for me - just clear water. And Scott bought a Paella pan from Spain for $14.99. Those were our little gifts to ourselves - NOT necessities but "wants". World Market gift cards would always be a win with us... hint hint hint... that is for anyone that gifts us at anytime not a plea for them... just an idea.

After we left there we went to Bi-Lo. I ended up buying mostly store brands as they were a good bit cheaper than the so called deals. Especially the 10 for $10 offers; that is why you have to compare, compare, compare!

I have got our fuel perks up to 95 cents off every gallon we buy up to 20 gallons so we are planning to take both cars to the pump... fill mine up and put any remaining into Scott's car so we get the full 20 gallons at the reduced price. Anywhere we can save; we will.

I went out and brought the newspaper in this morning and was a little disappointed in that we only got one coupon flyer this week. Ah well... I'll do what I can with it and perhaps I will be able to clip some from the store's flyer in the morning if someone else doesn't beat me to it that is.

Then after we came home and put the food away we went to True BBQ for lunch. OH MY!!! It is so good! Scott went to high school with Milton - back in the day. We will definitely stop there again... and again. Scott doesn't like any coleslaw excpet his Moms and mine (because I use her recipe) BUT... he LOVED True BBQ's too - now that is saying a LOT!

I guess I better get something done around here; I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Up In Time to see the Sun's Effort

I'm usually at work when the sun is rising and the windows of the store are on the wrong side to see the sun rises. I just love to "greet the day" with a sunrise; even on overcast days the sun tries to put on a display of loveliness. This is the view from my front stoop about an hour ago.

Last night I sat down and paid a bunch of bills and have them ready to drop off at the Post Office after breakfast. I don't trust to just put them in our box for pick-up.
I'm also planning a trip to Bi-Lo for groceries while I am out. They have a lot of 10 for $10 offers (you can mix and match it doesn't have to be all the same thing) this week as well as BOGO's (Buy One Get One free). I'll prepare a list before I leave and check and see if I have coupons to go along with the offers. I'm sticking with buying sale items only to keep our grocery bill(s) as low as I can get them. We don't eat very much pre-made stuff so coupons are kinda limited but I do like having things like canned soup for when we are ill and just don't feel like cooking.

Other than those two errands I don't have much else planned for this weekend. Perhaps we will be able to walk on one of the local trails; I know the "girls" would love to get out of the back yard for awhile and spend some time with us.

And I have some sewing I'd like to do and there is always housework... gotta learn to "love" that again. I used to keep a nice tidy house but in the past couple years I've let things go more than I should. I just come home so exhausted because at work I am running "wide open" all the time... never still... never take a break... just getting as much done as fast as I can... no wonder they want to keep me for hours after my scheduled shifts. I can't be any different... it's just how I am. But my body sure "talks back" when I'm finally still... muscles tighten up and ache so bad. OK... enough of the whah whah whah...

I have a little girl that needs a birthday present later this month and another girl that will be graduating from college soon and moving across the country - gotta make her something to remember me by - she is after all the best birthday gift my sister every gave me one year... my first niece to spoil!

Friday, February 17, 2012

IT'S FRIDAY... it's REALLY Friday!

I am so happy that work outside my home is done for another week. After lunch I decided to get some picture's of my camellias that are in bloom. Sorry the pink one is a little blurry. I may try to take another one later and share it tomorrow. I just love camellias. My Grandma had a camellia in her greenhouse in Upstate NY (They wouldn't survive outdoors up there). I want to get some cuttings off a pure red one and try to get a couple started to add to my collection. But for now it's nap time... see ya!


It's been one of those weeks where I was counting the days left until the weekend and now it's Friday! I am SO GLAD! I don't even care that it is going to rain all weekend. I just want to be home with my husband and the kiddo's if they hang here this weekend. I don't know if they have made plans yet or not; they are adults so don't have to answer to me.

Scott and I both have projects in mind and a rainy weekend will give us the time to work on them. I am hoping for a little bit of clear weather though as Scott got the switch in for the furnace yesterday and we way need it to work reliably next week when another cold snap moves in.

Time to pull myself together so that I can get on the road - gotta battle a bit of fog on the drive in this morning.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This Old Cook Book - #2

Here I am with another selection from my cookbook collection. My Mother-in-law gave us this cookbook years ago when she was still a member of the Lioness Club. I have used her recipes a LOT as you can see from the pages I copied... nothing says well loved recipes better than SPLATTERS! And lets not forget the covers tattered corners... another sign of a GREAT cookbook. This cookbook has a date in the front of 1984 - that is the year we became engaged. A few years after this she gave me another Lioness Cookbook; it has a blue cover and contains her wonderful Broccoli Casserole recipe that I've posted about many times on this blog.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day once more

Scott and I are having a quiet and uneventful evening here at home. I made a simple spicy stir fry and rice... that is it. No chocolate's, flower's or dinner out just a simple meal together. We've had some unplanned expenses and don't feel we can go out and buy stuff we don't really need just for a commercially invented Holiday.

Yesterday I had to rush Mr. Tesla to the Vet as he had what looked like a tumor on his bottom  and he was in extreme pain. They fixed him up and I had them also give him all his shots while I had him there as he doesn't handle the trip over there well and he HATES the entire staff. I don't know why as they're the gentlest practice I know of in this area. He just acts so ugly to all of them; they have to give him "kitty chillers" just to work on him. Back to his problem - an infected anal gland. They cleaned it out and gave him a shot of antibiotic and a pain reliever. He is a MUCH happier cat today.

Sunday morning we discovered our heat was out.. always happens on a Sunday too when the Repair call will cost double. Well Scott decided that he would see if he could get it working himself and save us that money. It turned out to be a switch and he got it all cleaned up and reset the switch and we had heat once more. YEAH! Then yesterday when I got home from work it was again off and it was COLD in here. I let Scott know and then I just sat next to our electric space heater until I took Tesla to the Vet. When Scott got home from work he was able to reset that switch again and got it going. He has ordered a replacement switch that he will install as soon as it arrives. I'm very thankful for my "Handy hubby".... who needs all that other stuff!

Yesterday on my way home from work I decided to do a little shopping for items we needed and some special sales items that I paired with coupons. I decided to show you one of my stops. I did 4 separate transactions ( 2 on Sunday and 2 on Monday) so that I could use all my coupons AND the register rewards that printed off. I think it was WELL worth the effort to get the deals!

I also went to Kmart and CVS yesterday and got some GREAT deals on some other items.
K-mart Purchases
At Kmart I got "goodies" for the dogs - 10 cans of Alpo and 6 packages of treats; without the sale prices and the high coupons I had this would have cost me $33.56... I paid $15.22 for a savings of $18.34. OVER 50% savings and the dogs will so enjoy these special treats. We give them canned foods on really cold nights.I also earned another $1 in register rewards from Alpo that I can use on my next trip in there. I wish I had more of the dog treats coupons that were in Sunday's paper.
CVS Purchases
 At CVS I just bought sale items paired with my coupons. All this would have cost me $43.07 and I paid $22.63 for a savings of $20.44. Almost 50% savings. I'm going to watch for good coupons on beauty items that I can pair with sales to fill some gift baskets for next Christmas for the teens in my life. I have no clue what to buy for them anymore but I know that the girls all love make-up and such. If I can pick items up for $1 or less throughout the year I can have some nice baskets for them. 

I think coupons are definitely worthwhile if used in combination with a GREAT sale. I also went to Bi-Lo while Tesla was at the Vets and saved another $30 using my Bi-Lo Bonus card and coupons AND I earned 40 cents off every gallon of gas up to 20 gallons at the Shell Station. NOT BAD!

I recently bought "The Couponizer" as I had seen it mentioned on Saving Well Spending Less's You Tube Channel. (She has a LOT of really GREAT tips on how to utilize coupons to your best advantage.) And I LOVE it! It comes with everything you see... a clear bag that it fits nicely in, a sorting mat, a pair of scissors and "The Couponizer". I've all ready saved enough using coupons this week to pay for this as well as getting 13 weeks of the Newspaper so that I can get the ads and the weekly coupons. I bought my Couponizer from Amazon for $23.94 shipping included in this price. I wish I could take advantage of all the printable coupons but we use Linux and none of the coupon sites support it so I'm poo out of luck on that one. OH well!
OK - I've gone on long enough but I did want to get on here before the week was half over.. I'll do a cookbook post tomorrow. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

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