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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Catching up Day

Most of today will be spent catching up on projects, getting a package mailed to a special little girl and housework - I will speed through the last part so I can get to the fun. Then this evening I'm attending a Knitter's gathering at Cafe Strudel - a "hen night". More later...


  1. Morning Becky...just cathing up on your posts. I've been so busy this last week...painting. Have a lovely weekend. Maa

  2. Glad the Tornado missed you. Enjoying your 'thrifty' buys! We don't have coupons in Australia but I'm always watching for sales, both locally and online, or buy "X" amount and get one free as well as free postage offers. Receiving petrol vouchers here involves purchasing a certain amount of groceries from a supermarket, but every cent counts, and I try to fill my trolley with reduced price items to add to the benefit :D.


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