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Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekly Specials

Yesterday I went over to Scott's Moms' and picked up the Sunday paper as well as the few previous days papers so that I could start making some seed starting pots. Well she gave me this weeks sale papers so I decided to see what I could maybe pick up at a GREAT savings.

CVS - I paid $20.74 for what you see pictured - without the sale prices and the coupons I printed off with their coupon machine it would have cost me $37.98. Savings = $17.24

Kmart - I paid 16.57 - without the sale prices I would have paid $29.93. The 3 Brita filters were a GREAT deal at $10. I saved $13.36.

Walgreens - I paid 27.65 - without the sales price and in-store coupons I would have paid $44.32. I saved $16.67. BEST DEAL HERE - A dozen eggs for 99 cents! limit 3

Rite-Aid - I paid $9.63 - without the sale prices I would have paid 12.59. I saved $2.96.

Bi-Lo - I paid $12.28 - without the Bonus Card Sale Prices I would have paid $23.90. I saved $11.62. PLUS I earned some more "fuel-perks" which brought me up to a savings of $0.15 per gallon the next time I fill up my car UNLESS I shop again before I need gas.
I just thought other people may like reading about my "sale shopping" to see what things are costing in our part of the United States. I could have saved even more if I'd had coupons on these items as well but I didn't have any this time. So for everything...     at Regular Price = $148.72 - What I actually paid = $74.80 for a total savings of ==== $ 73.92. And I would not have earned more toward the furl-perks savings. Now before anyone says.... but what about the gas to get to ALL those stores... these 5 stores are basically all along my path home from work EVERY day so it's no big expense to just stop by them for the specials. I would have liked more of the frozen vegetables but our larger freezer died so until we can save up to buy another one I have to utilize the freezer on the bottom of our refrigerator.

Let me know if you found this interesting so I will know if it's worthy of being blogged about. Thanks!


  1. Congrats! That's awesome savings!! Now if you put the savings toward your new freezer... that's a good chunk of money toward that goal. :)

  2. Great shopping good buys your prices are much lower than ours. B

  3. very interesting - comparing prices in America to those here in UK
    Irene V.


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