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Saturday, February 04, 2012

New Trail close to home

This morning Scott and I discovered a lovely new walk not far from our home off the 12th Street Extension along 6 Mile Creek.
The trail is 1.5 miles long and completely concrete and wood so it's a smooth easy walk. We parked on the SCANA side and walked back under the 12th Street Extension bridge.

The walk contains gentle curves that
take you through the wonderful pine
forest with opportunities to catch views of Six Mile Creek along the way. We saw and heard so many woodpeckers of various sizes. It's a truly remarkable bit of Nature down there. In the Summer months we should be able to catch glimpses of the local alligator inhabitants.

If you've read my Blog for
awhile you know how crazy I am over fungi growth and flowers; well there were a lot of those as well. The tiny white and pink bell shaped flowers were so dainty and feminine.

 I LOVE this orange fungi; it was so unique. Scott said he thought it was called "Witches Butter" - I'm going to look it up in the morning.

Almost back to the start!


  1. That walk looks lovely :) :) I enjoy taking walks and discovering new places :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. Thanks for taking me on your walk. The fungi and flowers look lovely! Those alligators must be a bit daunting!

  3. That looks like a lovely walk. It will be interesting to see the changes in summer. Lol, don't end up as lunch for an alligator though!

  4. Awesome! How nice for you and your community! Thanks for the photos as always!


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