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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Heat Required

We've turned our furnace off and have opened some windows so that we can enjoy all the little frogs singing down at the creek. I was telling Scott we need to go hike by the clay pits before it gets too hot and buggy to enjoy. With the rain we've been getting the grass is turning a lovely deep green and the Highway Clover has started to bloom along the roadways. I will have to try to get a photo of it this weekend.  I am planning to do a bit of work in our garden this weekend. I may even plant some potatoes that have begun to sprout in our vegetable bin.

Tomorrow ALL the Store Managers in our District will be in our store for a Training Meeting. We've been designated as THE TRAINING STORE so we will be on full display tomorrow as we are processing this weeks truck so I guess I better get to bed so I can wake up and arrive on time ready to hit the ground running. Gotta have the entire close to 1000 cases done in 5 hours! Goodnight! (Hopefully no one will call out tomorrow).


  1. Today was 64 degrees here in S.W. Michigan and YES..I also opened the windows and enjoyed the day!

  2. It's 4AM Thursday morning and it is 68*F all ready - WELCOME MARCH - In like a Lamb Out like a Lion?

  3. 9pm and 35*C here on the East Coast of Oz, fans on full blast...muggy night ahead :)


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