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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Up In Time to see the Sun's Effort

I'm usually at work when the sun is rising and the windows of the store are on the wrong side to see the sun rises. I just love to "greet the day" with a sunrise; even on overcast days the sun tries to put on a display of loveliness. This is the view from my front stoop about an hour ago.

Last night I sat down and paid a bunch of bills and have them ready to drop off at the Post Office after breakfast. I don't trust to just put them in our box for pick-up.
I'm also planning a trip to Bi-Lo for groceries while I am out. They have a lot of 10 for $10 offers (you can mix and match it doesn't have to be all the same thing) this week as well as BOGO's (Buy One Get One free). I'll prepare a list before I leave and check and see if I have coupons to go along with the offers. I'm sticking with buying sale items only to keep our grocery bill(s) as low as I can get them. We don't eat very much pre-made stuff so coupons are kinda limited but I do like having things like canned soup for when we are ill and just don't feel like cooking.

Other than those two errands I don't have much else planned for this weekend. Perhaps we will be able to walk on one of the local trails; I know the "girls" would love to get out of the back yard for awhile and spend some time with us.

And I have some sewing I'd like to do and there is always housework... gotta learn to "love" that again. I used to keep a nice tidy house but in the past couple years I've let things go more than I should. I just come home so exhausted because at work I am running "wide open" all the time... never still... never take a break... just getting as much done as fast as I can... no wonder they want to keep me for hours after my scheduled shifts. I can't be any different... it's just how I am. But my body sure "talks back" when I'm finally still... muscles tighten up and ache so bad. OK... enough of the whah whah whah...

I have a little girl that needs a birthday present later this month and another girl that will be graduating from college soon and moving across the country - gotta make her something to remember me by - she is after all the best birthday gift my sister every gave me one year... my first niece to spoil!

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