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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cabin Dreams

We have bought 2 plans for a possible next home on our land... "dream plans".  I REALLY like the Lakeside Cottage best as there is a bedroom downstairs and a wonderful wrap around porch. But the Micro-Cottage I could speed clean in less than an hour for the whole house. It's all just dreaming right now. We bought these plans from Andy Sheldon Designs. We are looking at some of his barn plans as well for our "Hobby" areas - his and her shops would be nice separate from the house. Again with those dreams...


  1. Where would we be without dreams??!!
    Living in caves probably. Keep on dreamin' Becky!

  2. They both look nice Becky. The Lakeside Cabin looks pretty swish doesn't it? Lots of room for crafts and a nice big porch/veranda to sit on and admire the view. The other one is more compact as you said...have fun dreaming you two :-)

  3. They both look wonderful! I too favor a warp around porch.

  4. You can never have to many dreams and I really like yours. :) B

  5. All the best with your cabin dreams. Sounds like you've got some good ideas. Thanks for commenting on my post!


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