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Friday, February 24, 2012

Severe strom, Savings, and misc...

We have been under a Tornado Watch nearly all day. A tornado actually touched down in Pelion, SC not too far away. We were fortunate in that we just have some small branches to clean up in the yard - nothing major. LOTS of rain; which I don't mind a bit as we need it.

Spent $11.08; SAVED $12.85 @ Walgreens
I stopped at Walgreens on the way home and bought a few things that were on sale and that I had a coupon  - if it wasn't on sale AND I had a coupon it didn't go in my cart/buggy. And I am two items ahead on the teen girl's gift baskets for next Christmas. I know the rest is "junk" but everyone needs a little something for their sweet tooth now and then - don't they?

Our mail-man came by and delivered our mail and went on down the street. In a little while TWO more came flying by the house so we had to look out the window and see what was going on; they each did a u-turn and lined up behind our mail-man.

 They all got out and walked around a bit and then the additional two left as quickly as they came - still don't know what it was all about but our mail-man had Emergency flashers on when he came back by our house as he continued his deliveries. It was all just so weird. The neighborhood "smart Alec" kid down the street came out and hollered, "How many mail-men does it take to deliver a letter?".

Scott and I went to True BBQ with Mr. Finn; he enjoyed it. It was a FULL house at lunch. They were BBQ-ing in the rain - now that is dedication. It was all SO GOOD! We saw a LOT of people we knew in there today.  We had the Sexy Lady sauce on our pulled pork - YUM!

Gas prices are going up daily and it's only going to get worse. Two more of our friends have lost their jobs due to cuts. I'm glad I have a job and that Scott does as well but we know that there is so much more to life than money and can't wait to retire. For now though we will remain thankful for the jobs.If we had it all to do over again we would pay cash for everything and NEVER have gone into debt for a thing. Debt is like an iron collar and shackles that you never seem to break free of in your life time once you start.

Fun stuff tomorrow - PROMISE!


  1. You are so RIGHT about debt. That's why I'm trying really hard to get out of debt. I just have my student loans to pay off, and then I'm debt free!!!

    Did you ever figure out what the deal was the mail truck conga line?

    I'm thankful that you have a job, too. I'm still looking for work. Sometimes it's really hard and discouraging, but somehow God manages to help us get the bills paid and put food on the table!!!

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. I'm so happy You & Scott both have jobs..You will make it to debt free.. If my DH and I can do it anyone was a long hard road...but the light at the end has finally found us..We have a
    settlement coming from his accident and with his new job, we won't be fully debt free but more doable that's for sure....Have Faith & Gratitude EVERYDAY and goodness will find you...:) that is what helped keep us on the road to a happier life..less is absolutely more!!!


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