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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Saturday Morning Link Up on Handwriting

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

I am joining in on a bit of fun this morning with Jen R at Let it go... who has linked up to Edenland to share a bit of a dieing art - Handwriting.

I used to write tons of pen pal letters when our son was little and I was home full-time and we shared a car. My pen pal letters were my link to the outside world and I loved getting all those letters everyday. It was like getting to "visit" with other women and learning about their lives and reading about their children's antics.

Now my handwriting is either lists or quick notes to family. I will also write notes to myself to remind me of how something was made so that I can recreate it at home.

Blogland has replaced that feeling the pen pal letters used to give me for what I'm thinking is a LOT less money than the postage I was putting out everyday/week.


  1. Wow! I'm not surprised you get compliments - you have lovely hand-writing. I particularly like your signature.


  2. Hi Becky, thanks for linking up, your handwriting is lovely :)

  3. Becky, your handwriting is indeed gorgeous!

    I love your blog header too, what a stunning photo.

    Thank you for linking up!


  4. You do have lovely handwriting, Becky. Both my sisters do, but mine is only okay. Readable, but not pretty.

    I think you are right about it being a dying art and that is indeed sad. I've been saying for years that even if hand writing doesn't totally die out script will. Printing my survive, but how many young people do you know that write in cursive? Not many in my world....

  5. Enjoyed reading your lovely handwriting, my mother has lovely writing but me l am sorry l am a printer. Quicker and easier filling out all the forms that came home from school. Your header photo shows you live in a beautiful part of the world. Lucky you!


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