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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Watchful Eyes

Our neighbor approached me while I was out getting our mail from the mailbox last evening; it seems someone broke into her house some time Friday night and scared her real bad. So she wants us to keep an eye out for her. She was home and her dog alerted which made it even more terrifying for her. She has also been noticing where there has been activity under her house; even locks being removed from the exterior access doors. So if we hear our dogs sounding off at all I will be getting up and turning all exterior lights on and looking over toward her place - just in case. 

I'm sorry I've not been posting much this week - been feeling kinda blah and I've been working nearly 7 hour days straight through - no breaks. There is just so much to get done at the store right now and there aren't enough people with my experience. I'm not seeing it slow down anytime soon.


  1. Sorry your neighbor has been having problems. That would scare me too. Hope it all goes away.

    Your work days sounds tiring, especially 7 hours straight with no breaks. Isn't that against some kind of law? I thought you were supposed to get 15 minute breaks at least. Hope you get some new workers to ease the situation soon.


  2. Maybe your neighbour needs exterior motion sensor lights? It would scare the beejeebers out of a potential intruder to suddenly be spotlighted for everyone to see. The blinding effect the lights would have would confuse them too.
    Hope you are drinking lots of water and eating sugary snacks to keep your blood sugar up while working long hours. In Oz it's law that workers must have a break every 4 hours. Hoping the workload lessens soon.

  3. It's ME... they would be perfectly fine with me taking the 15 minute break I'm supposed to but I stay so busy and so focused on my work that the time passes before I know it and I don't wear a watch... it's my own doing. And yes it is the law that you get 15 minutes for each 4 hours and anything over 6 you are supposed to take a 30 minute lunch. But when you are me you just blast through the day and then it's over. I have to be very careful about the sweets too - border line diabetic

  4. very scary for your neighbour! Look after yourself as it's very easy to get so absorbed in a task that you do forget to take a break like you said.

  5. Oh what a worry for your neighbour and you...good doggos hopefully will let you know if they are back. Take your breaks Becky no use running yourself down xx


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