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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rainy Sunday Morning

Sorry no sunrise photos this morning - the sun just couldn't win. It is raining and it's supposed to continue all day. I'm really glad that we got our errands run yesterday. I will have to go out and get some gas in a bit so that I can get to work in the morning but other than that I am planning to stay home.

Yesterday Scott and I went to World Market and Bi-Lo for groceries. I had earned a free 12 oz coffee as well as a $10 Reward for purchasing Gourmet Food at World Market and I wanted to use them before they expired; so we went there after we dropped the mail off at the Post Office. I didn't get any photo's of our actual purchases but have scanned our receipts so you can see our savings. Without my rewards the World Market trip would have run $51.55. So if you shop there and aren't on their rewards program you need to get signed up. It can really make a HUGE difference in your bill. I did buy myself a wonderful stainless steel water bottle that was marked down from $7.99 to $3.99. No more soda's at work for me - just clear water. And Scott bought a Paella pan from Spain for $14.99. Those were our little gifts to ourselves - NOT necessities but "wants". World Market gift cards would always be a win with us... hint hint hint... that is for anyone that gifts us at anytime not a plea for them... just an idea.

After we left there we went to Bi-Lo. I ended up buying mostly store brands as they were a good bit cheaper than the so called deals. Especially the 10 for $10 offers; that is why you have to compare, compare, compare!

I have got our fuel perks up to 95 cents off every gallon we buy up to 20 gallons so we are planning to take both cars to the pump... fill mine up and put any remaining into Scott's car so we get the full 20 gallons at the reduced price. Anywhere we can save; we will.

I went out and brought the newspaper in this morning and was a little disappointed in that we only got one coupon flyer this week. Ah well... I'll do what I can with it and perhaps I will be able to clip some from the store's flyer in the morning if someone else doesn't beat me to it that is.

Then after we came home and put the food away we went to True BBQ for lunch. OH MY!!! It is so good! Scott went to high school with Milton - back in the day. We will definitely stop there again... and again. Scott doesn't like any coleslaw excpet his Moms and mine (because I use her recipe) BUT... he LOVED True BBQ's too - now that is saying a LOT!

I guess I better get something done around here; I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

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  1. Great savings Becky...I do the 10 for 10 thing too, especially on catfood :)


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