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Sunday, February 05, 2012

FULL Sunday!

I awoke at 4:31 AM and have been going ever since. I read a bunch of Blog posts and watched a couple shows on TV Links with the headset on so as not to disturb the others in the house that were still sleeping soundly. About 6 I did my best to "quietly" gather all the laundry and got it started. Scott got up at some point and made a wonderful breakfast. After breakfast I did our taxes - we are getting refunds! Our plan is to put it all toward the car loan so we won't have that hanging over our heads anymore.

Soon to be PAID OFF!
After the taxes were completed I decided to clean my car inside and out - it's a "yearly" thing for us; or so it seems. Cleaning it now will help us see when the pollen starts settling on everything... yellow shows up so much better on a nice shiny clean surface.

How about that Carolina Blue Sky?
When I was out taking the picture of my nice shiny car I noticed the very first bloom on our tulip tree. You can see all the buds yet to open and I am hoping this beautiful weather continues so I don't loose them to a frost.

I decided to walk out back and photograph Scott's gorgeous garlic in the garden. It's doing amazingly well this year with a good mulching.
You can see where we need to do some weeding and why we need another roll of rolled roofing for our walkways.

We are going to get some newspapers from Scott's Mom tonight so that I can make up some seed starting pots. I'll be starting seeds this week.; tomatoes, peppers and perhaps some summer squash and cucumbers. We are very much looking forward to fresh produce from our garden.

I started work on another quilt block; it's one of the two I have remaining to do for the FQ swap. This block will be "hopping the big pond" to England to Irene. What looks to be tan is really a golden yellow; the sun has started to go down so I have little natural light coming in through my sewing room windows. Hopefully she will forgive my horrible delay.

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  1. Very productive poor car is well over due for a clean!


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