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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday Thrifting and another trip to Old Mill

Yesterday Scott and I decided to do some thrift shopping and went to several Thrift stores as well as me getting in another trip to the Old Mill Antique Mall. Our first stop was to the Pet's Inc. Thrift shop where Scott found 4 long sleeve shirts to knock about in with jeans for $11. They are quite nice shirts and the price couldn't be beat...
 At the same shop I got the Laurie Burch cat zippered bag. I simply adore her colorful cats! Not pictured was a small George Foreman cookbook that I got for a quarter for Greg as he has one of those grills. We stopped at two other Thrift shops but didn't find anything in them; Scott did how ever get to talk with another "old Sailor" and reminisce. Then we stopped at the Old Mill Antique Mall where I found the Anchor Hocking glass jar and the two little cookbooks pictured below.
All in all we had a very fun day together for very little money... OH we did go to La Fiesta for lunch... delicious as always!

It's 4:06 AM and I am up and now need to get ready to leave for work in 20 minutes. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Found a box of Treasure

I went to lunch with my sister, Robin and my friend, Gypsye to Cafe Strudel. We had an awesome lunch and even split a piece of Red Velvet Cake. Yum.  Afterwards Robin and I went into the Old Mill Antique Mall with plans to just look around a bit and chit chat. Well she found a cool belt that looked like a rope of bay leaves and I found a real treasure; well at least to me it was. It was a box full of "linens" for $25 and the booth that it was in was having a 25% off sale so I got it for $20. There were all sorts of Wedding appliqués, crocheted trims and doilies, 2 pillow cases with pansies embroidered on them, a tea towel with tomatoes embroidered on it, tassels, Battenburg lace , beaded trims, ribbon, fabric flowers, a wine bag and a bit of trim with dinosaurs on it. TREASURE!

I also got 2 napkins or kerchiefs with embroidered edges to turn into baby bonnets and a Cottages & Bungalows magazine.

It's been so cold the past few days; it's currently 39*F here at nearly 9 PM and tomorrow we aren't supposed to get out of the 50's. Brrr... chilly. This is really only the start of our coldest months... January and February are generally when it gets the coldest and when we usually see a bit of ice and/or snow.

The seed catalogs have begun to arrive so I better start planning our garden for this year. I really need to add a layer of compost to all the beds that don't currently have something growing in them so they'll be ready to plant things in a few months.

Well thats about all my news - i'm going to try harder to post what we are up to now that the Christmas madness is nearly behind us.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas at Home

It's been a wonderful Christmas here at home with Scott and I exchanging gifts this morning and with Greg this afternoon.

Then about noon... Greg finally got up and around to open his gifts from us and for us to open the gifts from him.


It's just me and the cat right now. We returned home late from my Parent's house last night so the fellas are still fast asleep. We had a lovely time with my family and just seeing everyone was wonderful. My youngest sister and her  husband were not there and I missed getting to see them... perhaps next year we can all be together.

The children were greatly disappointed that we had no gifts for them this year. Christmas really has become one HUGE "GIVE ME"... now don't get me wrong I LOVE to give gifts but there is SO MUCH more to the Holiday. Like Thankfulness... Love... Shared time together. But how are we teaching this to our younger generation? It did feel REALLY weird not having gifts for them and when they asked each person if they had presents for them it was clear to see by their reactions that they have attached the gifts to the love they will express back. We got walked away from and those that said yes got hugs and kisses. What does that say about how we are teaching our children the meaning of Christmas. Ah well... we live in a VERY Consumerist Society with a throw away mentality and that is very hard to compete with.

They really did not go for wanting though as there were gifts to be opened and played with so I'm sure they have forgotten all about our lack of gifts for them and they did give us a few hugs while we were there so perhaps they'll turn out all right in the long run. They are all quite goofy and fun to be around...



Kayla (her boyfriend - Mike) and Abby

Dougie, Phoenix and Austin
Dougie, Phoenix, Austin and my CRAZY KID - Greg
Scott with Kandise and Greg - She takes after her cousin!

My Dad, sister Robin's husband Dave and nephew, Drake

Robin, Dave, Drake, Alina, Charles and Kandise

Robin (sister) reading with the 3 littlest children.
My Mom opening her good fortune Elephants
We all got to speak with niece, Gwen from Seattle - she and Becca were missed!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nearly there!

Not much longer to pull Christmas together! I have some orders on their way  and I am hoping they get here in time. And I have a few more projects to make for gifts. Are you ready?

I haven't really done much worthy of sharing as of late on here... sorry about that. This weekend we will get to do some things perhaps worthy of sharing.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crafty Fun

Me at the Party - there were 6 of us.

I altered a jar for a swap at my Craft group's Christmas party yesterday and made a video sharing my creation on You Tube. Here it is...

Ornament that I created for my swap partner. I think it turned out quite cute.

Ornament I received from DeAnna - Isn't it lovely?
DeAnna also made me this delightful star

The altered jar that I received in the Christmas swap. I have it laying on it's side so you can see the color.  on the bottom and the colors are more true in this picture.
Here is my jar standing upright  - I call it my Fragile Rock Jar... LOVE IT!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

32*F Thursday

Brrrr... a bit chilly this morning! Not really looking forward to  going out to my car in 40 minutes. Ah such is life...  I will bundle up and be thankful it's not 30*F Below zero. Right?

Last night Scott and I went to Nick's and had a wonderful meal. Scott ordered a large Calzone with extra sauce and I ordered the Country Pasta. Followed by us splitting a piece of delicious cheesecake.

Then we went to World Market for coffee as it was Wednesday after all and that meant double coffee points... earn that free coffee faster! We also picked up a few Christmas gifts for the few people we will be gifting this year. I wanted to also stop at Publix over that way but we decided that we would do that another day as we were both pretty tired. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening out for the  two of us.

Better go get ready for the day!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Project and The wind

I've begun working on the altered mason jar for the swap coming up on Saturday. Here is what I pulled together last night to add to the mason jar that I have all ready painted...

Yesterday when I left for work it was raining and apparently by the time Scott left for work the wind was picking up. So when I returned home I found a horrible accident had occurred; remember all that wonderful lumber stacked against our house... well...
NOT GOOD! And upon closer inspection I discovered this...
EVEN WORSE! One of the boards hit Greg's car and smashed the windshield so now he will have to replace that as well. He and Scott will have to go to some junk yards to get a replacement. I felt so bad for Greg and Scott. Last night Scott and I moved all the wood to the porch and laid it flat on a couple boards so it can't fall anymore.

Here is Tesla... he was so funny trying to get situated in a round clothes basket... I wish I had caught it on video.

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