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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


It's just me and the cat right now. We returned home late from my Parent's house last night so the fellas are still fast asleep. We had a lovely time with my family and just seeing everyone was wonderful. My youngest sister and her  husband were not there and I missed getting to see them... perhaps next year we can all be together.

The children were greatly disappointed that we had no gifts for them this year. Christmas really has become one HUGE "GIVE ME"... now don't get me wrong I LOVE to give gifts but there is SO MUCH more to the Holiday. Like Thankfulness... Love... Shared time together. But how are we teaching this to our younger generation? It did feel REALLY weird not having gifts for them and when they asked each person if they had presents for them it was clear to see by their reactions that they have attached the gifts to the love they will express back. We got walked away from and those that said yes got hugs and kisses. What does that say about how we are teaching our children the meaning of Christmas. Ah well... we live in a VERY Consumerist Society with a throw away mentality and that is very hard to compete with.

They really did not go for wanting though as there were gifts to be opened and played with so I'm sure they have forgotten all about our lack of gifts for them and they did give us a few hugs while we were there so perhaps they'll turn out all right in the long run. They are all quite goofy and fun to be around...



Kayla (her boyfriend - Mike) and Abby

Dougie, Phoenix and Austin
Dougie, Phoenix, Austin and my CRAZY KID - Greg
Scott with Kandise and Greg - She takes after her cousin!

My Dad, sister Robin's husband Dave and nephew, Drake

Robin, Dave, Drake, Alina, Charles and Kandise

Robin (sister) reading with the 3 littlest children.
My Mom opening her good fortune Elephants
We all got to speak with niece, Gwen from Seattle - she and Becca were missed!


  1. Merry Christmas Becky and Scott. Enjoy the day. Hug B

    1. And to you and yours as well! I hope you are having a wonderful day! Stay warm~!


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