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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday Thrifting and another trip to Old Mill

Yesterday Scott and I decided to do some thrift shopping and went to several Thrift stores as well as me getting in another trip to the Old Mill Antique Mall. Our first stop was to the Pet's Inc. Thrift shop where Scott found 4 long sleeve shirts to knock about in with jeans for $11. They are quite nice shirts and the price couldn't be beat...
 At the same shop I got the Laurie Burch cat zippered bag. I simply adore her colorful cats! Not pictured was a small George Foreman cookbook that I got for a quarter for Greg as he has one of those grills. We stopped at two other Thrift shops but didn't find anything in them; Scott did how ever get to talk with another "old Sailor" and reminisce. Then we stopped at the Old Mill Antique Mall where I found the Anchor Hocking glass jar and the two little cookbooks pictured below.
All in all we had a very fun day together for very little money... OH we did go to La Fiesta for lunch... delicious as always!

It's 4:06 AM and I am up and now need to get ready to leave for work in 20 minutes. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I think shopping at Thrift stores can bring some neat treasures. I have used it for those times when it just made no sense to waste money on outrages brand new stuff.

  2. I love thrift shopping.. The older I get the more I enjoy it. You got some wonderful deals... Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday! Blessings!


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