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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Three Weeks

In three weeks Christmas will be over and Spring will have arrived in the store. Ah Retail always 5 months ahead of reality... talk about crossing your bridge before you get there huh? Ah well... thats how it is and I just go with it.

Yesterday I worked 3 AM to 9 AM and then came home and put up our little Christmas tree. This year I just added both leaves to the dining room table and set the tree at the end of the table closest to the wall. We won't be having a crowd here at Christmas so I figured we could just sit at the table and open gifts to and from each other.

I also completed another set of cards and have more in mind to make when I get home this morning. I drew this snowman and scanned him into my computer so that I could print more copies off and then color them in with my Prismacolor pencils. I think he came out pretty cute.I left the sentiment area empty on the one I am sending to Amelia so she can write her greeting in Afrikaans. I've started coloring in the ornaments that I drew and scanned into my computer. I'll finish those when I get home today.


  1. I like your little tree and decorations. I am in the middle of decorating and enjoying it.

    Love and hugs to you two ~ FlowerLady

  2. Its looking pretty festive, Becky! The angel on top of your tree really reminds me of the one from my childhood. I adored that angel.


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