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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Project and The wind

I've begun working on the altered mason jar for the swap coming up on Saturday. Here is what I pulled together last night to add to the mason jar that I have all ready painted...

Yesterday when I left for work it was raining and apparently by the time Scott left for work the wind was picking up. So when I returned home I found a horrible accident had occurred; remember all that wonderful lumber stacked against our house... well...
NOT GOOD! And upon closer inspection I discovered this...
EVEN WORSE! One of the boards hit Greg's car and smashed the windshield so now he will have to replace that as well. He and Scott will have to go to some junk yards to get a replacement. I felt so bad for Greg and Scott. Last night Scott and I moved all the wood to the porch and laid it flat on a couple boards so it can't fall anymore.

Here is Tesla... he was so funny trying to get situated in a round clothes basket... I wish I had caught it on video.

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