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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Crafty Saturday~

Well my local crafting group is meeting today at 2 at one of our favourite places - ZESTOS!  For a bite of something tasty and a bit of crafting. We are to bring scissors, a needle, a photo, embroidery floss and some tape. One of the members is going to show us a quick fun craft using these items. Should be fun!

I decided to add a little more to the 6x6-inch little wall hanging and I made a matching card to write a note to the gal that is going to receive the wall hanging. Hard to believe it is made out of a piece of card board that I brought home from work now. I hope she will like it.

Yesterday Scott went up to Greenville to help his sister get more out of their Uncle's house and to see what else he could help her with. They are trying to get it empty and all repairs done so that it can be put on the market and sold. I appreciate all the hard work my Sister-in-law has had to do to settle that Estate.  With her work schedule that involves so much travel this has really been exhausting and not easy for her.

While I was home this week I went through my fabric stash and am giving away a bunch of my fabric as it would be better served by someone else. I gave some to a friend that does sewing classes for little girls and I have 3 boxes for another friend in my crafting group that is a stay-at-home Mom and Homeschooler that sews for her children. I need to set up a time to take those to her. I still have a TON! I have a few more boxes to go through and see what else I am ready to part with; another friend has said she would like some as she is getting back into sewing so I will give her first crack at it and then if there is any cottons left I will give them to my Mother-in-law to donate to her churches quilt project. With the space I am creating I will be utilizing items recently gifted to me by my Sister-in-law, Debbie as she is trying to clear out her parents home as well and she gave me some crafting goodness. I gave one of  my crafting tables to another friend to make room for a wonderful storage piece I received from Debbie.
I'm going to use this for Seasonal rubber and clear stamps and ink pads.
Last weekend I sanded and painted the $5 shelf from The Goodwill and I LOVE the colour! I will be using this for my "cat" rubber stamps; back ground stamps, my "Made By" stamps and perhaps a few miscellaneous stamps as well. I love this mossy green colour so much more than the dark stain that was on it and am kicking myself for not buying BOTH of the shelves from that Goodwill. I will be painting all my storage pieces this colour that I have picked up at thrift stores.  I simply LOVE IT!

Scott and Greg are still sound asleep and I am going to let them! They were both exhausted from their work weeks. I have picked enough blackberries from our bushes in the front yard that I can make a batch of black berry muffins for breakfast so I will go do that now.

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