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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A busy Saturday

I got up and did a deep clean on the kitchen and made breakfast so I could get everything cleaned up and out of Scott's way so he could make some home made sausage. We are tired of paying $4.99 for 12 ozs of sausage so we are seeing if we can make our own.

A pork roast was cut up and ground - he also added some ground turkey meat.

He also added some apples and onions

We have deemed this appliance useless and will be selling it as the grinder that attaches to the Kitchen aide mixer does a better job of breaking things down and doesn't turn them into a slimy mess.  We ended up chopping the onions and apples by hand.

Scott weighed them out into 1 pound packages.

We ended up with  7 pounds of breakfast sausage for less than $20... we are hoping it will taste good.
After we cleaned up from making this we ate lunch - chili dogs and chips and then took a nice nap. After that Scott decided to dig up the two beds of potatoes.

I'm thinking some of these in a white sauce will be delicious for dinner tomorrow  with some ham and beans.

In this bed we had white potatoes and we barely had a hand full - the little red potatoes always do better here.

It won't be long until we are picking warm fresh delicious tomatoes!

We went for a drive this evening and saw some deer near the Waste water Treatment Center .

The moon was pretty amazing tonight as well so we had to pull over and take pictures of it.

And a fireworks display at the old Raceway was also seen in the sky.


  1. Potatoes look delicious. Nice photos of the moon and the fireworks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Robyn... it was a lovely evening

  2. Did you add any spices to your sausage? Let us know how you like yours. The apple and onion sound like great additions.

    Your potatoes look ready to be washed and enjoyed.

    Those moon shots are great as is the one of the fireworks. Seeing the photos like that would make one think the moon exploded.

    Have a nice Sunday ~ FlowerLady

    1. Yes he added Rosemary, sage, crushed red pepper, thyme, salt, black pepper and I think another herb. It kinda tastes like meat loaf so he will be revamping his recipe for the next time we make it. Fewer apples as well.

  3. Good for you for giving it a whirl--making stuff at home--as you well know--is usually so incredibly affordable compared to the premade. Why not DIY sausage?! Your garden is looking good--and that moon is amazing. Our tomatoes are setting fruit, but no where near as big as yours yet. Our garlic took a beating, well three beatings, from hail and as such never made scapes and is an awfully small little harvest, but still, better than nothing. I think our peppers are going to be the real stars of the garden this year and since they are my favorite vegetable I am quite, quite pleased.


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