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Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's my FRIDAY!

This is the last day this week that I have to make the drive across town to work! And I am so glad! Just feeling much more like a home body this past two weeks and going out to work has not been on my mental list of important things to do. Tomorrow morning I have to get up early to get Greg to the train station but then the rest of the day will be MINE... all mine to fill anyway I want to and that makes me HAPPY!

It's actually cooled off a good bit down here; so much so that we have turned our A/C off and have opened a few windows. I slept SO MUCH better last night and a good part of yesterday. Tesla has been a happy cat as he can sit in a window and sniff the air. It's really quite funny when someone is cooking in the neighbourhood and he raises his nose to the sky sniffing trying to determine where those good smells are coming from.

Well time to get ready! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

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