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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Name is Becky... and I AM a Diabetic

Had a pretty good scare on Monday... Blood Pressure and Sugar WAY UP! Went to the Doctor as soon as I got off from work and am now taking Metformin twice a day 1000mg tablets to get my sugar under control. At the Doctors office my blood sugar was 314 and they ran an A1C test that came back at 8.8. SO we are making some changes in our lives to get better.

Scott is at the Dr right now for the same reason. It's serious life changes around here. We are leaning toward going Vegan... any good cookbook or website ideas?...PLEASE share in the comments section. THANKS!


  1. Oh, Becky, I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. I will also say that when I met Matt he was almost 250 pounds--now that we're mostly vegan he's about 185-90. I know there is more to managing diabetes than weight, but I guess what I want to say is that changing your diet can be quite transformative! He feels so much better now. I hope you find something that works for you!

    Read the book Food Rules by Michael Pollan, if you haven't already. He uses simple to follow, often traditional wisdom, guidelines that help avoid bad-for-you foods and foster a love for simple, whole mostly vegetable foods.

    I like the Post Punk Kitchen: (And Isa's cookbooks, too.)
    Jamie Oliver also has quite a selection of good vegan recipes:
    While their tactics can be controversial, PETA also has a good selection of recipes, though sadly they have almost no photos of the dishes. I like to see what I am going to make first, if possible:
    Lastly, while I may not be the healthiest person out there, I will say (forgive me if I already have) that I've got a list of recipes on my blog:

    In any case, I sure hope the medication and diet help. Take care, friend--and thank you so much for the card. I did pop over to youtube and watched your video on crafts and nature--some GREAT bird shots in there! I don't do much on youtube, but will try to check in once and a while.

  2. Sorry to hear that you have got this issue. In our family we have managed to get it under control by reducing sugary foods and breads to very little. Of course exercise daily is also important. Good luck.

    1. Thank you Heidrun. We are cutting back on rice, bread amd NO sweets.


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