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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Fall!!!

Fall arrived yesterday and the weather has been rainy but still warm. I wonder if this is an indication of lots of snow for us this year... that is what is predicted. Greg is so excited about having snow... me... well lets just say I hope it isn't a LOT and lasts for days and days.

I don't know where to start in getting you all caught up so I am going to cheat and just upload pictures taken since my last post and go from there.

We made a visit to the Beaver pond... the Beavers have been busy rebuilding their damn as the DOT had come in and busted it up on them. I know they can be a nuisance but they have turned an empty lot into a lot full of life and beauty.  We so enjoy watching the battle between them and the DOT and always say "GO BEAVERS!" when we drive by and see that the water level is coming back up. They sure are determined creatures.

 One evening we took a drive to the boat ramp as we do sometimes just to see what wild life we will spot and we saw this doe. She didn't stay around long once she saw that we were pointing something toward her... they are getting fearful as Deer Hunting Season is soon. We love to see how their coats change to a darker shade in the Fall... everything has a Season.
 This toadstool caught my eye... I won't tell you what Scott said it looked like as I'm sure you can guess but I still thought it was beautiful.
 And these fungi were so lovely going up this tree. They were really white against the grey bark.
 I made some more ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and some 4x6 inch cards to share with fellow Crafters. I still have a few left if anyone is interested... the ATC's can be turned into fridge magnets just by adding some magnetic sheet to the backs. I may do that and just send them out to people. I so enjoy creating these little pieces of Art.

I also created this Creepy Halloween dimensional tag for someone on You Tube. I hope that it arrives in one piece as it was going to Canada. Hopefully the gal will like it as well. I sure had a blast creating it!
 I also created 2 paper bag mini-albums using lunch bags and I LOVE how they turned out. I need to make more of these! I'd love to make one for all sorts of Holidays and Celebrations!

OK... here's where you will see that Scott and I can be so goofy sometimes and it is good that we found one another. We stopped in Target and had some fun in their Halloween section. Just check out these spooky mixers....
Kinda creepy ice cubes if you ask me...
I bought a box of Boogers for Greg... he said they were DELICIOUS! YUCK! I mainly bought them so I can reuse the box as a pattern to create boxes to hold items that I create myself.
 And here is my partner in crime... MR CRAB HEAD!

 I wonder how long one of these costumes would remain on Tesla, Amelia or Bernadette?

 And doesn't EVERYONE need a gallon of fake blood? No we did not buy any but discussed various ways to scare the poo out of the neighbours.
 Yesterday I created this center piece following a tutorial on You Tube and I think I did a pretty good job; at first I didn't know if I'd gone overboard on it but now I really like it.

A couple blooms from our yard that I spotted on my arrival home from work this morning. I think the tulip magnolia is just confused and the Resurrection Lilies are just so beautiful!

Well I think that catches you all up on what we've been up to... oh Greg is in college! He is taking just one course but it's a start and it will give him a better idea of what classes to take next.

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