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Sunday, September 07, 2014

City Of Cayce Celebrates 100 years

Friday evening Scott and I went over to the old brick works to listen to Tokyo Joe as part of the first day of the weekend long celebration for the City we live in. Thankfully the temperature had gone down so it was rather pleasant. We stayed until about 9... which is our "bedtime". There was a decent sized crowd with food and spirits available. We had all ready eaten at Zestos so weren't hungry at all.

This was the "warm up band"... LOUD ! And that is all I can say about them we got there as they were wrapping up.

One of the old kilns.

Tokyo Joe on stage... we had walked around to the back of the stage to look at the row of kilns... does that mean we had back stage passes?

A door into one of the kilns.

The moon was quite bright

Our Mayor in the white slacks... she was trying to speak with everyone there. She has been a wonderful Mayor!
Here she is talking with people in the longest line - the beer and wine cart.
First Aide had to jump to it when this little Soccer player  scrapped his knee.
My Sweetie! Scott had gone to speak with some old neighbours of ours.
ADD ON September 8, 2014 - a video Scott did that night...


  1. My curiosity about history and making things is aroused. Do tell more about the kilns if you know it. You said brickworks, were the kilns for making bricks? An industry of your area? I'm glad you got out and enjoyed the music and your city!

    1. Hi Beth - I just added a video Scott did that night. Tokyo Joe was playing so you will have to listen closely as Scott is quite soft spoken.


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