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Monday, September 08, 2014

Feeling a Little better

I really did not sleep much last night... my mind was racing to beat the band. I guess I just took too many naps yesterday so today we are skipping ALL naps and trying to stay awake until bedtime as I have to go to bed early tonight as they changed our start time to 4 AM instead of 5 as it is "Fall Tour" time and we are the first stop for the Corporate Visitors tomorrow morning. FUN!

I made a few cards using the scraps left from the Teapot Mini album yesterday as I was trying to get my work table clear in my hobby room. Here is what I came up with...
I'm going to try to do this after each of my larger projects so that the scraps get used right away and so I will have  a variety of cards to pull from at short notice. Also last night I decided to make one more card right before my bedtime... ok so it was slightly AFTER my bedtime; could explain why the stamping isn't perfect and I will try again.

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