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Sunday, August 31, 2014


It's been ages since I posted on here and I need to get caught up. I took that nice long weekend last weekend and boy am I ever glad that I did as I got 1 DAY off this weekend. They asked me to work today as we have 2 trucks coming on the same day this week! TWO.... FULL SEMI'S. WOW! HELLO CHRISTMAS!!!! Gonna make for one EXHAUSTING day! Let's see what is on my camera card...
The City had come in and cleared out the Beavers dam... didn't slow them down and in about 3 days they had this much built back up and the water had all ready started to rise. It really is so much prettier to look at since the Beavers have moved in. Before they arrived it was an empty swampy lot full of debris.
 Now this guy..... you see the little truck... yeah the street that runs from our neighbourhood up to the street where the Beaver's live is 30 MPG with 2 stops signs and a DOUBLE SOLID LINE... so no passing. Well he got right on us at the stops and would rev his engine and then he passed us and got up to about 50 or 60 MPG. He stopped at the little Quick Mart store and then came flying past us as we were looking at the Beavers so I took a picture of his dumb A DOUBLE S. A total JERK!
Saturday was my crafting group at teh Library and we altered paper bags. The first is done into a gift bag with a tag in the front pocket to hold a sentiment. This is the one I created for Christmas. I plan to make more to hold gift cards and small gifts.
Then we had time left so I showed the gals (there were only 4 of us this month) how to make a gift bag card. It has a small pocket inside to hold a gift card as well as a part of the bag to hold a small gift. They are fun and super easy to make.
This evening we had a storm move through that filled this wagon in less than 15 minutes. We quickly turned off our computers and unplugged them as during the last storm we lost our router and two printers. 
And while we were "disconnected" Scott cleaned up the garlic that has been drying under the fan all  Summer on our porch. It's BEAUTIFUL! I'm going to have to figure out a way to preserve it or start giving it away. There is just so much of it.
Well I think that catches you all up. I was supposed to be off today but the Boss asked if I'd work 4 or 5 hours this morning and I worked 7 hours... I was exhausted when I got home. I ate some lunch and then took a two hour nap in the recliner. WHEW! A very busy week ahead too! I hope everyone that is lucky enough to have tomorrow has a wonderful day and stays safe.

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  1. have not been on the net much but do get time to catch up on your blogposts and your videos , a bit late but at least i am having so much fun , love it , thank you x


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