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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday and Chainsaws!

I am ever so happy that Friday has arrived once more! I just wish the tree removers would finish up in all the different neighbour’s yards! I'm so tired of the continual groan of the chainsaws. I'm glad they have work but boy oh  boy am I wishing they were about 5 miles away. We've had several really bad storms the past couple months ( if you remember the first one took out our son's truck) and then this past weekend we lost our router and one of our printers to another storm. I have some limbs to clean up tomorrow that came off our chestnut tree as well as a bunch of green chestnuts that will require some care in their removal so as not to get stabbed by their thorns.

 We are also hoping to get some progress made on Scott's new tractor shed... nothing huge just something to hold his Gravely and the lawn mowers. We started to set piers for it and then the storms moved in and knocked us out of doing any more. If Greg will help the three of us could probably knock it out... or up in no time.

Next weekend Greg turns 28! Seems like only yesterday and I was walking him to 4 YR Kindergarten. He is also taking his first College course... we are excited for him and are hoping this will be what he needs to get going on his own life's path.

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