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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Taking a LONG Weekend

I took yesterday and Monday off so that I could have a 4 day weekend. Greg (son) turns 28 on Sunday and I wanted to have a relaxed weekend with the family. I will be baking him a fun cake today for his birthday tomorrow. We didn't put a party together as everyone feels he is a little old for a party but I still want to celebrate his birthday. I will need to go buy some ice cream to go with the cake and see what he would like for his birthday meal.

Tuesday evening Greg starts college!! He is taking just one course and it is an introduction to college since he has been out of school for so long. One class was over $600 and the book was over $100... boy prices have gone up since Scott and I attended Tech. It will be worth it though as he will get training in a job that is highly needed now and will open up his possibilities in the job market. We are so excited for him and he is so anxious and nervous. I hope he feels a sense of success right away so that he will become totally engaged with the process.

Well I am hearing from people online that live in the UK that Fall weather has started over there and they have been feeling extremely chilled. We are even seeing signs of change in the leaves on some of the trees. But then yesterday we hit 99*F... GO FIGURE! The weather is just so bizarre!

I think the plan for today is more work on Scott's tractor shed. We went to the Habitat for Humanities ReStore yesterday and bought a window so he will have a little Natural light coming into the shed. We should be able to make a lot of progress today... at least that is what I am hoping.

I also have a project started in my craft room that I would like to get completed this weekend so that I can get it in the mail to the UK next week. It's a Teapot mini album with the theme "Downton Abbey". I have just two more pages to cover with paper and then I can added more decorations and picture mats. I will be adding pictures from the show that I found on Google. Luckily I printed them off before the storm took out our color printer. Here are the pages that have been papered and the cover that has all ready been decorated...
I hope that the lady I am sending this to will enjoy it. It's a lot of fun creating these albums.

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