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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here it is Sunday Again!

WOW! Last week really flew right on by for me; I made my sales goal PLUS! So my boss should be happy about that. It's a start of a new week at the store and it's going to be another doozy... LOTS to get done plus the floors are to be stripped and re waxed Thursday... UGH! Next weekend I am off and I think Scott and I will be going to visit Stumphouse Tunnel and Isagueena Falls in the Northwest corner of the State for at least Saturday. It looks so beautiful and inside the tunnel is always 50* which sounds HEAVENLY! It's 7AM and all ready 79* here.

If you need a shower gift for a baby girl head on over to Annie's Attic on the left hand side of this blog for today's FREE pattern. It's for a precious pinafore. I've printed it off to add to my pattern collection. I'm currently working on a crocheted hooded blanket and a knitted baby wash cloth. And I have plans for at least 6 other projects that will be Christmas gifts for family.

I'm dragging this morning and need to get awake enough to drive to work in about 30 minutes... UGH! I just could not get to sleep last night and Greg didn't come in until the wee hours of the morning. Love him to death but he sure messes with our sleep and I NEED mine badly. Better grab some toast or something for breakfast and get rolling.

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