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Sunday, May 12, 2013


I hope that all the Mom's out there have a wonderful day today~

We had a wonderful Anniversary yesterday and neither of us can believe it's been 28 years since we said "I do". We went to the State Farmers Market and bought some plants - peppers, tomatoes, yellow squash and flowers. I got the flowers set out along the garage and the squash plants set in a recently harvested garlic bed last night. After a quick trip to Lowes in a little bit we will be planting out the rest of the vegetables. Back to the garlic - WOW~! BUMPER CROP! One bed covers the table on the porch. We will have to set up the boards across saw horses again this year and may need to set up two sets of boards to handle it all during it's drying period.

I bought a special dog comb and worked and worked on Bernadette's ear last night and got all the matted hair off from them. She looks so cute. Today I am hoping to get the ones off her legs with Scott's help. She is such a wiggly thing and gets put out with me. We just can't afford a Groomer to do it and she needs to look at least semi-cute... after all she is a Cocker Spaniel. I'm going to do the best I can with what I have for n ow but would like to learn to groom her better myself. I'll save a fortune and she will look pretty. I also bought a spray that helps loosen the hair... both the comb and the spray were a LOT cheaper than a trip to the groomer.
Of course Amelia got jealous and I had to brush on her some even though she has nice short hair that NEVER gets mats in it.

Last night after we got cleaned up from yard and dog duty we went to Cafe Strudel for an absolutely wonderful meal! And a slice of Chocolate Fantasy cake was split between us... OM-GOODNESS! That cake is AMAZING!

We were both off work on Friday so that is when we really started celebrating our Anniversary; dinner last night was just the final "celebration" of the day. Friday we went to a couple of our favorite places...
Scott wanted a Vintage Truck magazine and I got some non-melt suet for the birds.

We had an AWESOME lunch at True BBQ
 We also stopped at Jo-Ann's so I could get some floral papers to make my Mother-in-law a card for Mother's Day. It's a pop-up card...

We will be dropping it off in a little while. I hope she will like it.

That is about all the "news" from our corner of this GREAT big World... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!


  1. Oh Becky Happy Mother's Day and I am so happy your anniversary was so memorable. She will love the card. Hug B

  2. stunning card , xx love the pigs in front of the shop and love love Amelia xxx


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