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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Staurday Day Trip

We took a back road and just drove until we found something interesting... first stop was in St Matthews, South Carolina. We walked around a little and ate lunch at the "Town and Country" restaurant.
An abandoned car dealership - everything still in place like they just locked up and walked away. Of course there were no cars around but all the business equipment was still in place.

GORGEOUS houses in these small towns that used to be bustling communities. We were so happy to see a lot of them being refurbished and brought back to "life".

Calhoun County Courthouse  - GORGEOUS architecture!

War Memorial

Front entrance to the court house.

Side entrance to the Court House

"Back door" of Courthouse - I thought it was more GRAND than the front!

Old feed and seed operation still in use.

I love how in small towns they will just cast out a mix of flower seeds in a bare patch of dirt for a splash of unexpected color.

The poppies were so beautiful!

A row of grain towers with a conveyor parked in front.

Next post will be out next stop on our journey of exploration!

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