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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Taking Charge of Health

Scott and I began checking our blood sugar levels about 2 weeks ago and have been mindful of what we are eating and exercising more and we are both seeing some great reductions in our levels.Just wanted to share that info as I know I had mentioned my levels being out of control.

A bee hard at work on som e blackberry blossoms.
We went for a wonderful walk along the river today and took a slightly different route. We decided to take the curvy path near some Student housing.

Scott spotted this beauty on the other side of the fence near the big power lines.

HEY! How ya' doing? - Beetle

Beaver gnawing ON the boardwalk - it really would be something to see one of those on the boardwalk.

Kids on the rocks across the river from where we were walking - sounded like they were having fun.


  1. I'm glad your levels are coming down. I hope you are feeling the benefits of it.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures from your walk. I love seeing different parts of the world.

  2. amazing that your sugar levels are lower, long walks and lots of water brings mine down and working in the garden and house etc , you work so hard hon, take care of yourself xx

  3. Glad to hear your diligence is already paying off. Looks like a nice walk!


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