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Saturday, June 01, 2013


I can hardly believe that June has arrived again all ready. I am taking a 4 day weekend as Monday is Scott's 54th birthday. We don't really have anything planned just spending time together.

I wanted to show you all how much Mr. Tesla likes my new desk location...

He loves the desk shelves that pull out at each side as much as I do. This desk weighs an absolute TON and I was so glad when Scott thought about using the carpet we were ripping up as a way to just slide it around the room so we wouldn't have to lift and carry it or damage the floor. Now it will remain where it is located until we  move - if and when we ever do. I'm going to just bloom where I am planted!

Our son, Greg has been working on his old car as of late and wanted me to get some pictures for his "car album". So here are the ones that I took...

He always makes at least one silly face when I am taking pictures - such a Goof Ball!
I'm really glad he is taking a real interest in the car again. He has re-installed the trunk cover and this is how it turned out...

And some blooms...
Easter Lilies - better late than never.

Garlic - the bees are thoroughly enjoying these.

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