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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Our Sunday Walk

COOL Fungus!

Peaceful spot for a picnic... just have to clean the mud off the table where it was recently under water.

PAW PAWS - pick 'em up and put 'em in your pocket!

We thought the shadows were pretty amazing.

You can see the Children's Museum across the Gervais Street Bridge in this one.

Gervais Street Bridge

Rose Archway

A Handsome pair of ducks

SO SWEET! Friends of a couple set this up and were waiting to take photo's as the guy proposed on the river... tea-light candles and roses.

OLD bridge foundation from 100+ years ago in the foreground and bridge now at the back.

Conspicuous consumption! I wouldn't want to clean these places!

GORGEOUS day for a walk - beautiful reflections!

Being Silly but Happy together!


  1. What a happy photo of you both! Love the views! That river must have flooded to a high level!

    1. The "mud line" on bridges, lamp post and trees is about 5 feet above our heads. The walk was closed for a period of time so they could get debre cleared away.

  2. gorgeous photos thanks for sharing you are a true artist in so many ways xxx


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